thrifted, handmade + altered: what I wore

I have been a lover of skate shirts since high school. Element would be one of my absolute favorites as they were the first skate company to offer clothing for girls and these clothes are proudly designed by girls. 

This has long been one of my favorite shirts but I hadn't worn it much as the sleeves were cropped, tight and uncomfortable. Finally, I decided to take some scissors to this t-shirt and make it into a tank top. The sleeves came off and the the neckline was made bigger. Now it's perfect. I get to wear my shirt with golden flowers and butterflies. 

In the few spare moments I had while studying jewelry and metals at UMass Dartmouth I made rings for myself. This was my first square bezel setting which was no easy task. I wore this ring so much the labradorite is scratched and the silver has dings and colored epoxy on it from past projects I made while wearing it. I'm still in love with the stone's iridescent darkness and the history it shows of my hard earned BFA. 

Here's the thrifted part, another gap skirt. There's a pattern here, I love aline jean skirts from the gap.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim