thrifted + handmade: what i wore

I'll be the first to admit it, my wardrobe has some staples. I get attached to things easily. Luckily jewelry, hair pieces and shoes don't need to be washed. Clothes are a different story, sometimes I do laundry just so I can wear my favorite garment again the next day. Other times my laundry piles up so high I could hide in it. 

First, onto my handmade accessories. I know you have likely already seen this lovely feather hair clip by the littlest bean, but I love it too much not to keep sharing it. And the maker is just so sweet so be sure to take a peek at her shop. The heart necklace above is my newest favorite necklace [and I make necklaces!]. It is made by DAA Glass and would be the perfect gift for any lady you love. Next up are earrings I made. These are a prototype I plan to make as part of my timeless silver posts series. I love their subtle texture [both the effect and the process of fabricating the texture].

Then there's the rest of the ensemble, the clothes and shoes part. Black tank tops are easy to stock up on, but thrifted skirts are a completely different story. Here comes the part about washing my clothes, I am really attached to this skirt and wear it often. At one point I realized I had seen my father three times in one week while wearing this skirt [good thing he knows I am clean and just a creature of habit]. That's a lot of laundry. But it was the perfect find, soft, flattering and in black and grey. I couldn't ask for more. Who can say no to a $6 skirt that matches your beloved vans and black tanks? It's worth doing the laundry for. 

happy tuesday!
xo, kim