thrifted + handmade: what i wore

This week's thrifted and handmade post features one of my handmade birthday presents from my parents. They have great taste and know their little lady all to well.

It seems that my parents were really listening at our mother's day brunch as I told them of my favorite places to shop in Providence. They made a few stops in the city to get me some amazing birthday loot.

This headband, while not a birthday present, was a perfect match. I adore The Candy Thief, her designs are adorable, detailed and so well made. Casey has really mastered her craft. And her work always gets me lots of compliments, when we do shows together I am often referring customers to her table so they can shop for a headband just as lovely as mine. 

My parents careful listening took them to Kreatelier where they found this shirt that I almost bought the very same week they visited. Instead, I kept to my vow to just buy a present for my cousin's first birthday and I'm glad I did! They also got me some vegetable seeds I need to get into a pot soon. Kreatelier carries these lovely little seed strips put together by the Rhode Island School for the Deaf. We are going to have some tasty salad in a few months.

Doesn't this shirt go so well with their planting theme? 
[I was sad to learn that this lovely shirt by paper cloud is the last of its kind. When I looked for a shop link to send my lovely readers to it stated that the shop had closed.] 

And here's the thrifted part. I found this skirt above at a thrift shop. I was so delighted, it is the same style as one of my favorite skirts from American Eagle circa 2004. I had the flowered version and was pleasantly surprised to come across this pink one. There is something about this fabric that I love. It is soft and relaxed while the texture reminds me of curtains my grandmother had. I'm sure you can tell I find it comforting as well as comfortable.

As I didn't want to compete with the lovely headband I chose a simple pair of earrings from my own jewelry line. I strayed from my usual choice of oxidized earrings and decided to add some shimmer to my get up with these moon post earrings. The texture gives off a dazzling reflection of light.

Here's the whole ensemble with my fancy new iPhone case. I admire Shepard Fairey and this is one of my favorite designs. 

We can't forget the shoes, I heart danskos. These are my favorite sandals and have been for at least seven years. 

happy tuesday!
xo, kim