thrifted + handmade: what i wore

As I write this post for today I am wearing a thrifted skirt I bought when I was in high school. It's been with me for about 16 years and who knows how long it existed before I came across it. It seems that thrifting is a huge part of what makes me me, just like the handmade movement. 

 Thrifting started as a necessity. All I had to get clothes with were the dollars I saved from cleaning my grandmother's house every week. And, wasn't the best place to get a little skater girl her cargo shorts at the Army Navy Store? And Savers and Salvation Army were certainly good for corduroys and old school t-shirts. You know the ones, with flocked letters, don't you?

 Now I thrift because clothes are still expensive. There is also the element of the joyous find and knowing that you are likely not to match someone at a party. It's such a feeling of victory.
[by the way, isn't this shirt detail pretty? it's a converse thrifted find.]

 A converse thrifted top means chucks on the feet. 

 This handmade belt may be in hiding with this outfit, but it's there and I love it. Have you heard of Red Thread Belting? If not take a look at Sherry's work. Her belts are a must any day I wear jeans. As of today I have a healthy collection of five glitter belts. I did see her at a fair this weekend with a version of this black belt with silver sequins, I think that will take my count to six soon enough. What kind of respectful silversmith could turn down so much silver glitter?

 The jeans are new. New, I tell you! Target brand, good and cheap!

 My other handmade accent are these lovely earrings by Dahlia Kanner. I adore these earrings.

 And this ring by Stefan Witjes. I got it while in Amsterdam. Stefan had the most amazing shop full of handmade wonders. He is a silversmith and goldsmith who also work with steel. One day I will get back there and add to my meek collection. 

Here's my beloved belt. I needed to do it some justice and take a real photo of it so you could see just how lovely it is. I am head over heels in love with that red stitching. Aren't you?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim