vintage shopping in New Bedford

I took another trip into New Bedford this Sunday for another round of vintage shopping. 

 Acushnet River Antiques, is a well hidden gem in a lovely old mill. 

 I'm pretty in love with the character of this building. Brick and iron fire escapes always steal my heart.

 Since I had been getting my fill of vintage clothes shopping as of late I set out to find new displays for my work.

Sometimes a girl needs to spruce up her craft fair table.

 I've only been to two of the four major antique shops in New Bedford so I wanted to explore while I found some useful and much needed items.

This place got more and more amazing as I explored.

 There was an old sign to one of the roller coasters which once was up and running at Lincoln Park. 
[unfortunately I couldn't get far enough away to take a picture]

 And how cool is this bowling game?

I tried my best to photograph this letter "O" but it was buried. I want to take a guess and say that was also a remnant from Lincoln Park. I so miss that place!

 It wasn't all fun and games. There were amazing housewares too. 

 I'm just dying to have one of the wall sconces or chandeliers. 

The camera collection was pretty great. Ironically my iPhone just didn't want to take a focused picture of these beauties, so this is the best I have.

 This sewing matching came in an amazing wooden case. I adored this machine, it was difficult not to bring home.

Off with his head!

 So, here's a new display. A whole three bucks for a drawer I have grand ideas for.
[i just love the details for the handle, which I look forward to fixing] 

I've needed some height in the back of my table for a while. Height with a wall to hide my water, phone, packaging, you know those things you don't want customers to see... I may need to do a mock set up of my booth to fine tune my idea and I may start with some paint first.

 I can't wait to test this out and see if it will work for one of my three machines. For $7 I decided it was worth it. And it came with a manual, that sealed the deal.

This is my final addition to my displays. I think it needs some paint. The piece it is replacing was painted a bright blue and I was forever receiving compliments on the color. Maybe just the outside gets some blue and I'll leave the inside natural. You know I will post a before and after at some point.

happy thursday!
xo, kim