makin' it : floral arrangements edition

I spent this weekend making centerpieces for my nephew's baptism. In my family we use all of our talents to throw a great party. My step-sister is the menu planner and chef, my step-mother is the organizer and my nephews and niece are the entertainment. 

 I was told the palette I had to match was a pale blue table cloth, an espresso painted room and a blue and white cake. It seemed obvious that I get in as much blue and white as possible but load it up with as many complimentary colors as I could to liven the room up a little.

These were oh so fun to arrange. My nephew helped by being super sweet and finding me a radio so we could play some music as we worked together. He chatted with me while he drew skyscrapers. 

Once I set all of the arrangements out on the table I took a step back and really liked what I had made. The results were more organic than my days working at the florist in a supermarket. There wasn't a formula or premeditated idea on what form the flowers should take. I just grabbed scissors and went for it. I somehow lost myself in my work and ironically this is the most pleased I've ever been with something I arranged. Needless to say, I miss being a florist girl ever so much. It is like making jewelry, I need to do it or I seem to lose a part of myself.

happy monday!
xo, kim