New studio, new work, new shop!

I am pleased to announce my jewelry will be available in the Fuller Craft Museum Shop for the holiday season! 

 hues of autumn and winter dot necklaces
I have spent many late nights in my studio which turned into early mornings to complete this order. 

new nasturtium necklaces!
During these wee morning hours I played around with a few new elements. I am most excited about the new nasturtium series. The organic shape really speaks to me, it allows my palette to be displayed as one would see these colors in nature versus how they are seen within the constraints of the rigid frame of a perfect circle.

complete set of necklaces for the fuller museum
Other updates include: 
the chain: this one seems to allow the pendants to move more freely.
the clasp: they mimic the shape of the pendants [this sleepy head forgot to capture them for you.]
the finish: the back of the pendants are satin finish while the edges are polished to a shine [I am loving this contrast!]

nasturtium post earrings
The newest color in the collection is autumn rust [second from the left]. I have fallen in love with this hue, I think it is the perfect compliment to this collection.

autumn and winter hues dot post earrings
So, here are all of my new shiny objects with dashes of color. They are bound for The Fuller Craft Museum Shop this afternoon. Their holiday shop opens on the 17th of November, mark your calendars and buy handmade this holiday season. 

xo, kim