support small business everyday

I've been busy playing with shiny objects with dashes of color prepping for the holiday season. Remember to buy handmade this holiday season. When you buy handmade you support small businesses whose work is made with skill and love. And, you won't be buying a loved someone something they already have. It will be a special and meaningful present, one to be treasured for years to come. 

snow and spruce from my dot collection

office work [maybe some relaxing too!]

double exposure shot of sifting enamel and fusing it to silver

soldering my enameled pieces

bitty earring production, 26 soldered...

...and 16 more to go

Shopping local and supporting your community is just as important. Here's a list of shops who carry my bling but in case there isn't a local brick and mortar there's always online, no waiting in lines and you get to see my packaging! 

happy saturday!
xo, kim