bazaar bizarre today!

I am all packed up and ready to catch some sleep before my one and only holiday show of the year. 
Did I mention this is my favorite show? Yeah, it is my favorite show of the year, all year, every year. The small craft advisory ladies know how to put on one rockin' show. 

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Did you see my interview on the Bazaar Bizarre blog? Well, it is a pretty good read if I do say so myself so take a peek. Get to know about the lady behind the bling.

moon post earrings
This is what I have been working on. The good old basics. 
and my parents deserve a good ol' thank you for helping me package these babies into the early sunday hours.

bitty earrings
By popular demand my bitty earrings are now being offered as singles. Not that the ladies won't like this as well but this is the perfect boy bling!

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And I will be taking part in the first ever Night Owl Hour. All of my discontinued jewelry [certain colors and styles no longer in production] will be offered at clearance prices. So, hang around until 5 and get some awesome bling at a discount. 

Hope to see you later. If you are so inclined to bring me coffee I like it strong and with two sugars. In return I will give you a huge smile and a hug.

xo, kim