thank you, boston!

 Once again, Boston has treated me well. The customers and organizers of Bazaar Bizarre sure knew how to make this girl's craft season end with a bang.

ceiling at the cyclorama
The morning started out grim, I got lost, lost again and then got lost again looking for parking. 

This photo above is a result of being lost and stuck in traffic, an awesome combination.

But once I got to Bazaar Bizarre and finally set up my booth it was well worth all of the late nights crafting and the early morning adventures of being lost in the streets of Boston.

This is my 'where's waldo' photo. I really enjoyed seeing this fellow browse the fair all day. It lightened my stressed and tired mood helping me remember to smile a little.

[click on photo for source]
And here I am with my display wearing my 'no sleep til Bazaar Bizarre' face.
[i promise, i had a wonderful day selling, buying and catching up with friends!]

After packing up my remaining merchandise and bidding my friends a farewell I loaded up my car and turned around for one last look at the cyclorama building. I really do love this place, it treats me well year after year. 

This year has been particularly challenging for me and I doubted my ability to participate in this event. With some encouragement from the lovely organizers I decided to give it a go. Am I ever glad I did! I left with a happy heart, feeling grateful for just how much people love my work and in complete awe of the love and support I receive from this amazing craft community I get to be a part of. I don't know that I could ever fully express my gratitude but I love each and every one of you who made my day.

xo, kim