new year, new risks

This year is the year of new adventures. For all too long I have put off my list of things to try. I had been going through the motions of life instead of living life. I am ready to live my life and discover new things that make me happy. Trying some things on my list may cause me to fall on my face [literally] while others I may succeed at and others I may just fail at. But I am determined to discover what the outcome will be. Even failing is better then never knowing.

First on the list is learning to skate. This is something I have wanted to do since I was 15. [Let's not count how long I have wanting to do this.] My first time even standing on a skateboard happened this past autumn and I pushed it around pretty well. I have an awesome teacher who bought me this board and the two of us have been pushing around a little over the past few days.

Yesterday I had my first spill. It was right after I was told if you lean this way you while trying to raise your front wheels you will fall and put your wrist out to brake your fall and it will hurt. I leaned, I fell, I put my wrist out, I laughed, got up and tried it again. I have some marks to prove it but I like it that way, it proves that I tried something new and now I know I can fall, get up and try again. 

Now, I need to get on with my goal of trying something new in the studio. I may get burnt or melt my experiment into a molten mess of silver but I am going to try, learn from my mistakes and find my own success.

xo, kim