welcome winter, please stay a while

Callie girl and I have been enjoying every last snow flake this winter.  Watching this girl romp, play and eat snow with such gusto has made me appreciate winter all over again.  My girl is going for knee surgery early tomorrow morning. I hate her being out of commission, especially during her favorite season, but I am looking forward to better days. Longer walks, exploring in the woods, jumping on the bed and chasing snow balls will be in the somewhat near future. Until then the girl and I will hunker down while she recuperates. And after six weeks of carrying her up and down from the second floor to let her out, I will be jacked! Maybe I need to design some forging projects for spring...

This was our last morning stroll for a while. I am grateful it was so picture perfect.

happy winter!
xo, kim [+ Callie too!]