This year's holiday cards were more vibrant than previous years, making them my favorite yet. Not to mention, they may have been the spark I needed to start a new adventure!

While taking some pictures at work I happened to capture vintage holiday lights accidentally hung near a sign reading "Holiday". I posted this photograph on Instagram and was encouraged to use it as a holiday card. Going with the vibrant color theme I decided to order some peacock colored paper, fuchsia envelopes and chartreuse labels which I think is a fabulous combination.

Little does she know, the lovely Amber of Felt Like It gave me just the push I needed to get some of my photographs printed. [see Amber was the one who had the keen eye and suggested this photo be a part of a holiday card after all.] And seeing as I was so pleased with the outcome of my prints I am in the very early stages of starting up a little photography shop called 'a girl in her city'. So, thank you, Amber! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now back to the holiday cards, they are never complete without a Callie stamp. Everyone on my mailing list knows to look out for the postage, you are guaranteed to find my snow pup gracing the top right corner of your envelope year after year. She is the real star of this show.

happy friday!
get out and celebrate!
xo, kim [+ callie too!]