a new design

About a month ago I decided to put some orders aside and play around with a new design that was stuck in my head. 

  I get overly ambitious when I order beads and have had these pyrite [fool's gold!] beads for about a year.  
I made earrings with this bead on them and wear them often but was missing a necklace to match. 

 I set out to making a fun clasp for this simple design and used some chain that fit right through the bead.

Having the chain go through the bead itself made for a bit more of a challenge than if I wrapped the bead to the chain as I have to solder the clasps after the bead is on the necklace. 

  I am in love with the results. It is really simple but still perfectly elegant necklace.

I love the movement of the pyrite on the chain. It gives my hands something to fiddle with when I step away from my jeweler's bench and interact with the public.

 This oxidized fool's gold necklace is my favorite of the two. It changes the design just a little, making it less elegant and more me, perfect for everyday wear. 

Everyday wear for me is a t-shirt, jeans and vans or docs. Oxidized metal always seems to suit me but I realize everyone has different styles and tastes so I always try to keep my shop full of options. I aim to please. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: this is the start of a new series of work. I just know it! I have visions of more chain, different beads, color combinations.... It is endless. 

pps: can i just say technology rocks? i took these photos with my phone and listed the necklace on etsy with my phone. that rocks!