full moon and peace

A couple of full moons ago we drove out to the beach to appreciate the full moon shining bright over the ocean. Whenever I get a chance to slow down, breathe deep and take in the night I gaze at the moon and it occurs to me that no matter where my friends and family are the one thing that unites us is that we can be gazing at that same beautiful moon. This idea brings me a sense of peace I can't quite explain. I hope, deep in my heart, that every last person I love is seeing this thing of beauty with me.

This night seemed magical to me as the beach always seems to set my breathing slower and deeper as I listen to the waves roll in. Life is funny that way, as a little girl my father would drive me out to the beach on his motorcycle, when we arrived I wouldn't leave my towel. I would ask my father to carry me to where other kids were playing and set a towel down for me to sit on so I could play. Being the sweet, gentle man he is my father, who never told me no did say no to this request. He told me to get sand between my toes and fingers, play, have fun and be a kid. Over time, I got over my dislike of sand and found my carefree self playing in the water and sand. In the childhood I had, there were few of these carefree moments, I am so grateful he said no and gave me a childhood and time to play. Until I set down to write this post I didn't quite put this all together. I just thought it was the ebb and flow of the ocean, its rhythmic sound that calmed me, but it isn't that alone, it is where I got a little taste of freedom and was able to step away from reality and be a kid. 

thanks, Dad, you really are an amazing man. 
xo, kim