studio shots: shimmering moon rings

When The Modern Shop at the Modern Art Musuem of Fort Worth ordered some shimmering moon rings I was delighted to start making them. 

 As a jeweler I am generally a precise person and pay great attention to detail. Rings require a certain type of detail I am not very good at, math. You must be able to consider the thickness of the band as well as the width when cutting silver to the right size. Luckily I have a little book with an easy to read grid to help with this. Here I am measuring twice and cutting once. 

 I don't get to make rings too often. Many people don't know their ring size and selling them in person is tough, you need to have enough on hand for a broad range of sizes. This was the cause of my excitement, it gave me a reason to get back into ring making. 

 It also doesn't help that I am a mere 4.5 US ring size which is far smaller than most people, so my idea of the average size is skewed. When I make a ring too large to fit me, it still doesn't fit most other people.

 I started to clean the oxidation from these rings and suddenly remembered how much fun it is to use this little mandrel wrapped in sandpaper. It makes cleaning the inside of rings a dream, though, I may not have fingerprints left once I finish this part.

 A shiny, shimmering finish, looking great stacked..

or single.

The oxidized are just as shimmery, they remind me of nights out on the beach, watching the water turn dark as the sun sets and the moon sparkles on a few waves, highlighting the ebb and flow of the ocean.

xo, kim