Inspiration, teal & poppy!

After an entire winter of wearing these red boots and toting this teal bag, I started to miss these colors as  summer rolled around.

Seeing as my clothes are often varying shades of grey I love to add pops of color with accessories. 

 My favorite accessory being jewelry.

These bright hues look like superhero colors, craft superhero colors!

If you are interested in purchasing these shiny objects with dashes of color, click the images above or take a look at my shop. With the holidays fast approaching I will be posting new items as fast as I can make them so keep checking in. I know you will find something shiny you love.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim  

ps: sorry to mention the holidays, in the craft world we are already busy making away to stock shops for our big season. as far as I am concerned, it should still be the lazy beach days of summer!