studio shots: smoke and mustard dot earrings

Here are some more behind the scenes photos . . .
This striker is the spark behind my flame. Love this simple tool. 

Beveling the edges of silver discs to prep them for . . 

. . . dapping!

The perfect little cup to hold silver in. 

Gum agar spray so the crushed glass sticks to the silver. 

sift . . sift . . sift

clean up the edges


Adding a mustard dash to a smoke palette. 

All lined up for one last firing . . 

I love the way the enamel changes right before your eyes, don't you?

Now they are fused and ready to become earrings. 

Cutting up bits of solder. 

Setting the earring on a trivet so the enamel doesn't flow and stick to another surface while I am soldering. 

Flux . . 

. . . and more FIRE!

Soldering time!
[then there is clean up time, we can see that next time around.]

I love this combination. Smoke is a lovely canvas for dashes of color, especially mustard. 

won't you visit my shop and start making your list for the holidays?

xo, kim

ps: at least i waited until after halloween to mention the holidays. in the crafty world, we have been planning for it since the fourth of July.