fair isle with a side of poppy and smoke

I love the crafty community I am a part of. Near and far we are all working on different projects. We take the time to check in on Instagram to see what others are crafting up. One of my friends had been knitting away with the same hues I was enameling with. She saw these colors together but I had been thinking of sea foam and smoke. Poppy was out for a whole other project. 

A fresh set of eyes encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and create a new  color combination. We crossed our fingers hoping our gadget monitors matched. She continued knitting as I fired up some enamels. After I wrapped the package with twine and shipped it off I set back to work at my bench. A few days later as I did my usual check in to see what others were making and I came across this picture and smiled in pure delight. We matched! Knitting in DC matched enamels from Pawtucket!

I love this crafty community I am a part of. It is nurturing, encouraging and supportive. Thanks to all who support us artisans and get us out of our comfort zones and inspire us to create something we couldn't see even if it was right on on jeweler's bench.

xo, Kim