shades of plum!

For some time now I have been meaning to write a series of blog posts inspired by color in my handmade community. Often I see that makers I know are working with similar hues. Whether it be hand sewn attire, hand dyed yarn, felted goods or handmade accessories we seem to migrate towards the same colors or combinations of color. I guess my talented friends and I have a good eye for what works! 

Recently one of my favorite collectors of all things handmade posted a tweet to let us makers know that she was wearing shades of plum in enamel and felt. She sent us a picture of her beautiful smiling face as she sported her handmade bling to show us just how well our work came together. Kat also gave us the best compliment a maker can hear, "I always feel a little boost when I wear work from either (or both) of you!" Now that is the best thing a maker could ever hear. To think that another person has that strong of a reaction to your work, the pieces you pour your heart and soul into is heartwarming. Work you sometimes sweat over and bleed while fabricating or cry over. Kat's sentiment means the world to me and makes me want to run to my jeweler's bench right this moment and not emerge until I am sufficiently covered in silver dust.

Now, let's get to plum!

Kat paired this small nest brooch in plum and leafy green by Liz Smith of Made in Lowell with . . .

. . .these enameled plum dot earrings by me!

I may be biased but I think Kat has a great sense of style. Mixing smooth, cool jewelry with a warm, rougher textured brooch is a smart combination. She is a true supporter and lover of handmade.