to the moon and back

I have this thing for collecting old hammers. The more dinged up and used the better. 

I never have a particular plan for its use when I purchase these hammers, but I continue buying more and more knowing they will find a use one day. Making jewelry is my passion, I won't not be making jewelry any time soon. 

My hammer wall is starting to overflow and the collection has caught my attention once again. I realized that in these old tools there were textures to be discovered and new jewelry to be made. 

Loving all things itty and bitty I set out to see what textures these hammers would create on my small silver circles. 

One hammer produced a dappled texture and the other a mess of hazy lines. I fell in love with the results. I brought these pieces back to my bench and played around with how I wanted these textures to mingle and fit together. Somehow my design fell quickly into place. One, oxidized circle would be front and center while one lined, hazy circle would fall to the right and one dappled, cratered circle would fall to the left. After showing off my new design on Instagram I had heard over and over how this piece reminded folks of moons. 

Calling this "to the moon and back" came naturally. This necklace was made out of my love of playing with textures and the hammers that create them. It came out of my passion to push myself to create a new design to keep me inspired and in love with my work. It also came from a desire I had to wear something new. 

Of course I wanted earrings to match, the necklace and the wearer's emotions. Textures and finishes mingle allowing the wearer to choose whether a dark , stormy hazy day suited their outlook or if a dappled shiny moon better was better suited for that particular day.  We all have hazy times which prevent us from seeing our lives clearly and the dappled days of sunlight and clarity when love is right there in front of us. And we all have someone in our lives who loves us to the moon and back no matter which outlook we have. 

happy Wednesday!
xo, kim

ps: Valentine's Day is coming. Fellas, tell your lady you love her to the moon and back with some new bling from my shop!