I have a story to share. A lovely woman in France ordered this Parisian blue nasturtium necklace from me. She had a simple request, to have 'Capucine' engraved on the back of the necklace. She shared a story with me which made me determined to have this word engraved on the back of her pendant. My customer told me that she chose the name 'Capucine' [French for nasturtium] for her second daughter which she was only with for one short day. I was told that she saw my necklace and felt at peace. As I read her story my eyes filled with tears. For her, her family, for Capucine and for feeling so very honored to be chosen to make a piece of jewelry in remembrance of someone my customer loved so dearly. 

As an undergrad student I went through many critiques discussing the meaning of my work and the work of my fellow classmates. I always found it interesting to learn what drove someone to make something. To learn of their emotions and meaning behind the work that I too had a reaction to. Sometimes the meaning was easy to see, other times the meaning was very different from person to person. We all relate to things in a different manner. When I created this necklace I was trying to capture my response to watching my nasturtium plant grow from seed to leaf ]it didn't flower the first year]. The leaves were so whimsical on my fire escape. The irregular circles enchanted me and stood out from the rest of my potted plants. I set out to recreate this organic shape in silver, stretching and altering the familiar circles I had been working with for so long. Even though these are only slightly different their grace and irregularity excited me and got me experimenting with new colors to enhance the shape of my nasturtium pendant. I was merely capturing an observation. My customer was searching for peace and a way to remember a life she created and she found it in this simple necklace which she keeps close to her heart. Never could I have possibly known that another person would have such a powerful reaction to my jewelry. I am humbled and honored to be a maker. I hope that this in some small way does bring this woman peace. That is keeps Capucine with her, near her heart and finds comfort. 

Thank you for reading, supporting me, my work and finding your own meaning in the craft I love. These little moments mean the world to me.
xo, kim

a special thanks to Jim at Beehive Handmade for knowing just how important it was to help me engrave this piece.