handmade for me

Long, long ago at a craft fair I was neighbors with Mei-Ling of Twitch and Whiskers. From across the aisle I kept eyeing her thimble necklaces. There were so many thimble and charm combinations to choose from. I easily helped a friend pick one which was just perfect for her, yet I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for myself. Then a few weeks ago I learned two things, Mei-Ling customizes these sweet necklaces and that they were soon to be discontinued. 

Once I was able to help design this necklace I knew just what I wanted. A singer thimble. It had to be a singer, my grandmother sewed on a singer and wore a thimble when mending clothes by hand. Little six year old me never understood how she could even use her fingers with a thimble, never mind actually mend something so well you couldn't tell what needed mending to begin with. For the charm I just knew I need to have scissors. Of course my grandmother used them while sewing and mending but more important was the memory I have of her scissors tied to the arm of her rocking chair. I asked her one day, why tie them there? Why not just leave them on the side table? Knowing her family all too well, she tied them down. Being the thrifty woman she was and an avid reader of the news, she was forever clipping coupons and items of importance. She wasn't about to go chasing down a grandchild to save her scissors from a craft project.

For years I have wanted to make the perfect necklace to remember her by. She is just so important to me and I have so many memories that I have yet to organize my ideas and feelings into just one piece or even a collection of pieces. It is still too overwhelming for me to undertake. So, this sweet thimble means so much more to me than anyone could ever know and I want to thank dear, Mei-Ling for making this piece for me. As I move about working in my studio the necklace jingles a little melody, reminding me of the woman who made my first craft project with me and who saw my talent in drawing, got me some charcoal pencils and signed me up for art classes. This same woman also made me put away my drawings to go outside and play. She knew just what she was doing, giving me inspiration to get back in the house to start drawing again. I am so very grateful. 

thanks for reading this little tribute. make sure you stop by Twitch and Whiskers and get yourself a thimblism necklace of one of Mei-Lings' other awesome designs.
xo, kim