This season has me surrounded white. Snow, frost and ice have covered most of New England. I am not complaining. In fact I am enjoying this snow globe I live in. This afternoon I decided it was time to go for a run. I waited for the snow to start falling knowing I would love the fresh air and snowflakes in my eye lashes. While I was catching my breath I stopped on a bridge over the railway. Through the flurries I captured this scene, unsure of how it may inspire me. 



Once I was home and warm, still smiling from my run and seeing my dog play in the snow, I looked back at this picture and realized the one hue I had neglected exploring in my enamel work was white. Once a path is cleared to my studio I plan on firing up my kiln for the first time in years to do some color studies in white with splashes of color. My first splash will be this minty shade of green. 

Stay Cozy & Happy Valentine's Day!

xo, Kim