Making it

Finally, I feel like I am making it. Making my jewelry, making more profit than ever (well, there wasn't really ever profit, just sustaining), making my life happen the way I want to. I would say making it on my own but I have a little help which I am beyond grateful for. Making it with help in many forms, the most important is the group of loved ones always cheering me on erasing my doubts and insecurities. Making it to boutiques and shops I had thought I would only dream of having my jewelry in. Making it in a wholesale world where people have sought my work out and chosen it to be a part of their curated collection. Making it to more and more places and to more and more shoppers and collectors that this girl from little old Fall River could have ever dreamed.  



Last year I decided to get a little tattoo on my right wrist, my dominant arm, the one I hammer with, sand with, finish jewelry with, use pliers and hold a torch with. This little tattoo was to remind me that no matter where you came from or where you called home, a cardboard box, a studio, a place you share with a loved one, no matter what your background, support system or financial situation was if you worked toward your goals tirelessly your dreams will come true. It was a reminder to use what brought you down to make yourself stronger. To triumph over adversity, believe in yourself, to seek guidance and support through friends and family and to prove to those who doubted you just how wrong they were. It reminded me to set goals, lofty goals, realistic goals, embrace your passions and push forward in doing what you love. It was a reminder to take criticism with a grain of salt or as fuel to build a stronger fire and determination within yourself. It also serves as a reminder that life is short, fragile and unpredictable and to make everyday your best day and keep on doing what you love. This little tattoo also reminds me that art needn't be grand, small works can stand for larger ideas. What matters most is loving your process and finding the right audience which embraces your aesthetic as much as you do. Whatever gave me the guts to walk into that tattoo parlor one May afternoon on a whim and ask for a crude crown also gave me the guts to tell anyone who thought I should grow up and get a real job to keep their opinions to themselves. Have I ever looked at my pale wrist with deep black lines and thought, damn that was dumb? Hell yeah. But those thoughts are fleeting, they are moments of doubt when words of discouragement creep in. Those moments make me pause and bring up the feelings of the girl who walked into a tattoo parlor looking for a symbol of change, strength and the 'F#*!, I got this attitude' and rolled up her shirt sleeve, stuck her arm out and thought, 'huh, that didn't hurt' as she floated back to her car. Every day I get stronger, more confident and my I got this attitude takes up more space in my life. 

Thank you for making my dreams seem within reach. Cheerleaders, family, friends, my wagging pups and those who tell me I can't, you all set the fire that gets me going. Hugs and love to you all. 

xo, kim

ps: if you wouldn't mind I will start sharing other parts of my life away from my bench which have set me in the direction of realizing I am capable of much, much more than I ever dreamed possible. Coming soon...