Burning bridges

Lately I have been thinking about bridges. When I started running I loved running over bridges going from one city to the next town and back again, they made me feel like I had run further as it was a connection to another town. Now that I can run over them with more ease as some days running has gotten easier with time I love seeing the water from a viewpoint that isn't out the car window, being able to look down at it and out to the horizon where the water and sky meet. And I love the smell of the water, the feeling of openness and wind, it is wildly different than running in the city. I love the contrast of the peaceful, still river on one side and the cars humming over the expansion joints on the other.


No matter where I am living, I plan routes to include bridges into my runs. I set my pace to be able to take in the reflections on the water, the ripples of light or clouds, depending on the time of day. I notice how each town looks different as I approach one and leave the other. I appreciate the calming effect of the river and feeling small as I run over the vast water. 


As I reflect on why I love bridges, their structure, their strength, the connections they make, where they take us, I realize as in most connections in life that some are worth crossing, taking a look at what is on the other side, we can decide how far we want to cross that bridge, if we want to stay on the other side, if we want to turn around, if we want to keep running back and forth or if we want to take a molotov cocktail and burn that fucker down, setting fire to the temptation.

Here's to testing the waters, knowing your limits, your strength and your worth and deciding what isn't worth keeping. xo, kim

PS: These lyrics got me through a few particularly tough runs this week "all hell can't stop us now" and "take the power back". It resonated with the routes I was running and the ones I am sorting through in life.