spring greens are here to stay

The thing I love most about seeing the trees and grass starting to turn green in spring is that green is here to stay deep into the summer. And it is just going to get greener.

happy summer!
xo, kim

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brick, metal + weeds

Here are a few shots I took while walking the studio grounds to get the mail. 

 These photos prove beauty can be found anywhere. 

 If you keep your eyes open allowing beauty to be seen. 

 Green leaves and tall grass certainly brighten up our brick jungle.

 It almost makes you forget the huge potholes you may fall in on this mail getting adventure. 

happy monday! 
may you find beauty in the oddest of places. 
xo, kim

a touch of green

I was looking at some old photos and noticed they all had the color green in common. This made me realize that this Irish lass never wished you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope you raised many good pints of Guinness in celebration and filled your bellies with Irish Soda Bread. 

radish art on a green trash can

fun shadows on my coffee table

my water glass full of sparkles
May the wind be always at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face.
xo, kim


happy spring!

Happy spring equinox.
Soon enough, the grass under our feet will be green. Spring is so exciting, all the nice weather is right there waiting for you.

xo, kim


brick red + lichen green

I rarely look up from my work bench at the studio. Once I get into a groove, I don't stop. One of the few things I try and do is get out to check the mail, allowing myself some fresh air. Somehow that short walk along the same path always provides me with something new to look at. 

I notice something new every time. This last stroll and new roll of "film" made me see the contrast of the lichen green against the brick red. Sometimes the green is vibrant, nearing emerald and other times it has faded to lichen. I prefer the softer hue. {And I love the focused centers blurring to the edges of the photograph. This is my new favorite film even if it's meant for foodies and I photograph brick.}

happy sunday!
xo, kim

a little last bit of autumn

I am so grateful to have gotten in this amazing autumn stroll. 
Everything is gleaming in gold.

With emerald still lingering.

It's a stunning combination.

Grass is still nice and green through the fallen leaves.

It's hard to believe that we already got snow.

And this particular day felt more like spring.

But I will take what I can get. With all of the making I've been doing it's hard to find time to get outside and breathe in fresh air. I'm grateful for crisp breezes and bursts of color. If only I allowed myself this time more often. Next year, and this time I mean it, I will take better care of myself. I will let my life creep back into my schedule, take time to breathe, relax and use my muscles for something other than hammering. This is a promise I vow to keep.

happy autumn!
xo, kim

travel tuesdays : montreal green

There were some really great hues in Montreal. 
Those Canadians really know how to brighten up the place.

I am hoping to get back to Montreal this autumn. I miss their croissants and coffee. Nothing here in Providence compares. This reminds me, I should get studying my french. Maybe this time I will be prepared for more than Bonjour.

au revoir!
xo, kim

providence birthday adventures {part two}

And here is part two. Taken with my camera and not my phone. I love being able to zoom in and have better control over getting the exact details you want. But sometimes, I miss the color distortion which I can't control. The unpredictable results are fascinating to me. 

I was able to get this tiny star instead of the whole grey facade. 

And the detail of the fire escape. I know, I love fire escapes. I suppose I dream of sitting on one on a warm summer night. 

But here the sky is dull without using my hipstamatic.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city.

And one of my new favorite doors.

On this building each floor had a different flower above the windows. This one being my favorite.

I do like these two flowers in the corners too.

If it weren't for the brick these wouldn't look like windows from the same building.


And finally some sun. It looked like rain for a while. 

This hardly looks like Providence. The painted brick and arched doorway looks so European to me.

Of course, iron work.

 And the pretty irises behind the iron fence.

A sweet message. 

Roger Williams getting funky.

 Another shot that looks more like it was taken from the River Seine than in Providence.

Drippy walls add some nice color.

It was the perfect picnic spot.

 With the perfect view.

My adorable pup had a great day too.

And I fell in love with this little flower.

That's right, more iron work.

I took this from a path between two houses. Can you believe the view they have?

Another new favorite door. This may be the only orange door I've seen.

And I can't decide which view of the mailboxes I prefer. 

I love the old numbers and stickers. 

Love this angle.

And ferns before they are fully open.


 And just a few more iron railings to go. 

This part of the hood is full of them.

And I like it that way. I can't wait to get back to our new breakfast nook this weekend. 

happy almost hump day!
xo, kim 

ps: I was interviewed by the baltimore etsy street team. give it a read won't you..

spring flowers + other things green

Callie and I have a new route in the neighborhood. I am loving the new-to-me gardens. Callie is loving that we met someone who works for a dog food distributor. She came home with free treats and a toy the other day. That girl is just so darn cute. 

 It may have been a dreary May but the flowers are helping me along. 

happy monday!
xo, kim


rockin' the craft world this spring

I left my studio for a wee nap. Tomorrow is my last day of making for Twist fair. Before I snooze I thought I would take a minute or two to show you some new color combinations and the photograph that inspired them. 

I took this photograph a long time ago {before craft} at Blithewold Gardens. This is a hipstamatic of the original which hangs in front of my soldering/torch-firing area. 
{I would love to know the name of this lovely pink flower so speak up if you are in the know.}

spring dot necklace

spring dash of color
I formerly worked for a florist. When finishing an arrangement with a bow I generally chose a green bow because it would match the leaves and bring out the greenery. Green is my go-to accent color in the flower world. I couldn't just leave these pink this time around so the splash of green is to remind you of the flower's stem and leaves. Aside from the photo above, these also remind me of easter tulips, bright and cheery pink to celebrate the start of spring.

Twist Craft Fair

If you are in Northampton, MA this fine weekend stop into Twist to see these little numbers for yourself. I will be surrounded by some pretty great crafters from the little state and a lovely neighbor from Massachusetts. We may be sleep deprived and bleary eyed but we'd love to have you! 

sweet dreams!
xo, kim