oh poppy! the secret July sale

I decided that this month we are celebrating all July birthdays with 20% off and free shipping. 

Enter code 'ruby' in my July Sale section to get this discount. 

[you didn't hear this here, but the sale may extend for a few weeks due to a website glitch.]

xo, kim


From the blank silver canvass to the emerald hue, I am loving spruce!

Visit my shop to get this hue for your collection.

happy summer!
xo, kim


have you seen my new goldenrod nasturtium collection? well, here it is...

am i ever smitten! visit my shop to see more images and maybe buy yourself a set.

xo, kim


my style in sea foam, marigold and smoke

After seeing a bunch of braided hairstyles online I decided to try one out on my long locks. As a girls who always had french braids in my hair, I thought this would be easier, but was I ever wrong. Good thing I have some awesome crafty friends who make hairpins to hide my mistakes.  

I complimented [or hid] one side of my messy ends with this lovely hairpin by Jen of the littlest bean. It was the perfect match to my favorite marigold vans shirt which was the perfect match to my smoky vans shoes. With an up-do a girl certainly needs earrings, being a jewelry maker makes you need earrings even more. I think these sea foam with a dash of marigold dots were just the right accent. I can never resist adding just one more complimentary color. 

happy weekend! I am off to try another braided up-do, and you?

xo, kim

ps: it really brightened my day to have a feminine hairdo with an otherwise sporty getup. isn't it fun to mix and match when it comes to style and color? i certainly think so.

April birthstone sale

Seeing as the birthstone for April is diamond, I realized I could chose most any color. I went with 'raven' as my favorite diamonds are black. 

Use code 'diamond' in my April Sale section to get 20% off any raven design. I would love to make a custom necklace for you, if you have a color to compliment raven with email me and we will work together to make something you love. 

Happy Birthday, April babies!
xo, kim

I truly love my customers!

Recently a fellow placed an order for these two pairs of earrings from my supermarket shop.  I dropped him a line to see how he would like them packaged and if he wanted me to type a little note. 

My customer replied asking me to pack them up in one box as they were an anniversary gift for his wife. He said he bought her earrings from me last year and she loved them.

I guess she must, this year he bought her two pairs. 

I truly do love my customers. 
xo, kim



I have a story to share. A lovely woman in France ordered this Parisian blue nasturtium necklace from me. She had a simple request, to have 'Capucine' engraved on the back of the necklace. She shared a story with me which made me determined to have this word engraved on the back of her pendant. My customer told me that she chose the name 'Capucine' [French for nasturtium] for her second daughter which she was only with for one short day. I was told that she saw my necklace and felt at peace. As I read her story my eyes filled with tears. For her, her family, for Capucine and for feeling so very honored to be chosen to make a piece of jewelry in remembrance of someone my customer loved so dearly. 

As an undergrad student I went through many critiques discussing the meaning of my work and the work of my fellow classmates. I always found it interesting to learn what drove someone to make something. To learn of their emotions and meaning behind the work that I too had a reaction to. Sometimes the meaning was easy to see, other times the meaning was very different from person to person. We all relate to things in a different manner. When I created this necklace I was trying to capture my response to watching my nasturtium plant grow from seed to leaf ]it didn't flower the first year]. The leaves were so whimsical on my fire escape. The irregular circles enchanted me and stood out from the rest of my potted plants. I set out to recreate this organic shape in silver, stretching and altering the familiar circles I had been working with for so long. Even though these are only slightly different their grace and irregularity excited me and got me experimenting with new colors to enhance the shape of my nasturtium pendant. I was merely capturing an observation. My customer was searching for peace and a way to remember a life she created and she found it in this simple necklace which she keeps close to her heart. Never could I have possibly known that another person would have such a powerful reaction to my jewelry. I am humbled and honored to be a maker. I hope that this in some small way does bring this woman peace. That is keeps Capucine with her, near her heart and finds comfort. 

Thank you for reading, supporting me, my work and finding your own meaning in the craft I love. These little moments mean the world to me.
xo, kim

a special thanks to Jim at Beehive Handmade for knowing just how important it was to help me engrave this piece.

aquamarine sale

I have decided to offer an enameled hue to represent each month's birthstone for the rest of the year. For March 'snow' and 'pollen' will be 20% off with code 'aquamarine' at checkout. If you would like a necklace to match the pollen earrings email me and we will make it happen. Celebrate with color. 

Happy Birthday, March babies!
xo, kim


fool for love

Fellas, Valentine's Day is coming. Show your lady you are a fool for love with some fool's gold bling. 

Shop for fool's gold earrings,  necklaces or any of my bling
Buy handmade and make your lady happy. 

xo, kim

PS: buying handmade is sexy

shades of plum!

For some time now I have been meaning to write a series of blog posts inspired by color in my handmade community. Often I see that makers I know are working with similar hues. Whether it be hand sewn attire, hand dyed yarn, felted goods or handmade accessories we seem to migrate towards the same colors or combinations of color. I guess my talented friends and I have a good eye for what works! 

Recently one of my favorite collectors of all things handmade posted a tweet to let us makers know that she was wearing shades of plum in enamel and felt. She sent us a picture of her beautiful smiling face as she sported her handmade bling to show us just how well our work came together. Kat also gave us the best compliment a maker can hear, "I always feel a little boost when I wear work from either (or both) of you!" Now that is the best thing a maker could ever hear. To think that another person has that strong of a reaction to your work, the pieces you pour your heart and soul into is heartwarming. Work you sometimes sweat over and bleed while fabricating or cry over. Kat's sentiment means the world to me and makes me want to run to my jeweler's bench right this moment and not emerge until I am sufficiently covered in silver dust.

Now, let's get to plum!

Kat paired this small nest brooch in plum and leafy green by Liz Smith of Made in Lowell with . . .

. . .these enameled plum dot earrings by me!

I may be biased but I think Kat has a great sense of style. Mixing smooth, cool jewelry with a warm, rougher textured brooch is a smart combination. She is a true supporter and lover of handmade.

to the moon and back

I have this thing for collecting old hammers. The more dinged up and used the better. 

I never have a particular plan for its use when I purchase these hammers, but I continue buying more and more knowing they will find a use one day. Making jewelry is my passion, I won't not be making jewelry any time soon. 

My hammer wall is starting to overflow and the collection has caught my attention once again. I realized that in these old tools there were textures to be discovered and new jewelry to be made. 

Loving all things itty and bitty I set out to see what textures these hammers would create on my small silver circles. 

One hammer produced a dappled texture and the other a mess of hazy lines. I fell in love with the results. I brought these pieces back to my bench and played around with how I wanted these textures to mingle and fit together. Somehow my design fell quickly into place. One, oxidized circle would be front and center while one lined, hazy circle would fall to the right and one dappled, cratered circle would fall to the left. After showing off my new design on Instagram I had heard over and over how this piece reminded folks of moons. 

Calling this "to the moon and back" came naturally. This necklace was made out of my love of playing with textures and the hammers that create them. It came out of my passion to push myself to create a new design to keep me inspired and in love with my work. It also came from a desire I had to wear something new. 

Of course I wanted earrings to match, the necklace and the wearer's emotions. Textures and finishes mingle allowing the wearer to choose whether a dark , stormy hazy day suited their outlook or if a dappled shiny moon better was better suited for that particular day.  We all have hazy times which prevent us from seeing our lives clearly and the dappled days of sunlight and clarity when love is right there in front of us. And we all have someone in our lives who loves us to the moon and back no matter which outlook we have. 

happy Wednesday!
xo, kim

ps: Valentine's Day is coming. Fellas, tell your lady you love her to the moon and back with some new bling from my shop!

what I really wanted sale!

If your stocking didn't have enough sparkle in it why not treat yourself to some bling? Now until January 4th, 2014 use the code WHATIREALLYWANTED at www.kobrienjewelry.com to add some bling to the New Year. 

Pick earrings that don't match. I won't judge you. 

xo, kim


fair isle with a side of poppy and smoke

I love the crafty community I am a part of. Near and far we are all working on different projects. We take the time to check in on Instagram to see what others are crafting up. One of my friends had been knitting away with the same hues I was enameling with. She saw these colors together but I had been thinking of sea foam and smoke. Poppy was out for a whole other project. 

A fresh set of eyes encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and create a new  color combination. We crossed our fingers hoping our gadget monitors matched. She continued knitting as I fired up some enamels. After I wrapped the package with twine and shipped it off I set back to work at my bench. A few days later as I did my usual check in to see what others were making and I came across this picture and smiled in pure delight. We matched! Knitting in DC matched enamels from Pawtucket!

I love this crafty community I am a part of. It is nurturing, encouraging and supportive. Thanks to all who support us artisans and get us out of our comfort zones and inspire us to create something we couldn't see even if it was right on on jeweler's bench.

xo, Kim 

autumn flash sale: updated!

I have been making lists, so many lists! Inventory lists, lists of what I need to make, lists of what I hope make, lists of what I hope to sell, lists of materials to purchase. There are a few items I have collected quite a bit of and would love to sell them off to make room for new designs. Since materials cost money, it is time to raise some! Let's celebrate autumn with a flash sale!

So, if you are on Instagram you can keep an eye out for pictures I post there. If you are on Facebook, why not like my page and follow my flash sales there? Or you can look out for my tweets with links to the sale item of the day. I am only offering these sales at www.kobrienjewelry.com so be sure to shop there. 

Here is a little sample. These earrings retail at $24 and being offered for $20 until the 17th of November at midnight EST. Including free US shipping you save $12.55. Heck yeah, right?

And these plum dot earrings are usually $44, so you save $14.55. Hooray! Now get shopping because the flash sale for these ends on the 17th at midnight. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim


Somerville, we are back!

That's right. There are some shiny objects en route to Magpie

So, here's the peek. Now get in and see my bling in person.

xo, kim

ps: how awesome is technology? I made all of these graphics on my phone.

studio shots: smoke and mustard dot earrings

Here are some more behind the scenes photos . . .
This striker is the spark behind my flame. Love this simple tool. 

Beveling the edges of silver discs to prep them for . . 

. . . dapping!

The perfect little cup to hold silver in. 

Gum agar spray so the crushed glass sticks to the silver. 

sift . . sift . . sift

clean up the edges


Adding a mustard dash to a smoke palette. 

All lined up for one last firing . . 

I love the way the enamel changes right before your eyes, don't you?

Now they are fused and ready to become earrings. 

Cutting up bits of solder. 

Setting the earring on a trivet so the enamel doesn't flow and stick to another surface while I am soldering. 

Flux . . 

. . . and more FIRE!

Soldering time!
[then there is clean up time, we can see that next time around.]

I love this combination. Smoke is a lovely canvas for dashes of color, especially mustard. 

won't you visit my shop and start making your list for the holidays?

xo, kim

ps: at least i waited until after halloween to mention the holidays. in the crafty world, we have been planning for it since the fourth of July. 

an itty bitty production

hello there!

the solder has been cut . . . 

. . . all things itty and bitty are getting bails soldered on . . 

. . . and cleaned up . . 

. . . polished to a shine . . .

. . . and how they shine! five grits of sanding and a few hours in the tumbler will do that for ya!

Clasps are being prepped . . .

. . . for hammer time!

Then some chain is cut . . . 
[that's right, I can make a custom necklace size for you, just ask.]

. . . shiny pendants are strung with care . . .

. . . there is a method to this madness, you see it is dangerous for one to polish things on chains. it gets scary when twirling objects catch onto long, spindly objects. better safe than sorry, polish first, solder clasps last. polishing the clasps is easier, one can hold the chain tight and prevent it from the spinning wheel of death! see, there is a method to my madness . . .

. . . clasps and jump rings are set in a neat little line and prepped with flux . . .

. . . solder chips are set . . .

. . . and ready for FIRE . . .

. . . fresh from the pickle these clasps are ready to shine . . .

. . . all these itty bitty clasps are polished up and ready to go . . .

thanks to this app by A Beautiful Mess, I was able to make these lovely little flyers . . 

[. . . oh, click on the photo above to get yourself an itty bitty necklace in this shiny finish or the one below to get your oxidized itty bitty necklace . . .]

. . . flyers so lovely, I sold me a few right off the bench!

happy, happy tuesday!
xo, kim

soldering time!

Here's a little video of me soldering posts onto earrings I had already enameled. 

I am kicking my production in to the highest gear possible with the holidays approaching. 

Happy Tuesday!

xo, kim

hoopla sale!

these earrings are on sale until my stash runs low. . . 

Get shopping!
Happy Monday
xo, Kim 


new addition to my nasturtium collection!

A few weeks ago I put my stump to use in the studio. 

I dapped away to prepare for some new enameled jewels.

After I fired some pieces I realized I matched my soon to be necklaces and earrings. 
Happy accident or do I just have colors I simply love?

View of my soldering bench. I returned to solder some posts to these lovely new pieces. 
[new day, new vans!]

A family of Parisian blue nasturtium earrings were born.

And a necklace too!

Won't you visit my shop to see these lovely blue beauties. I am thinking this is the color for autumn! What else compliments a nice rusty orange or marigold? A complimentary blue is my answer!

happy tuesday!
xo, kim