welcome summer!

I hope you are keeping cool. It's been mighty hot and steamy here. 
Enjoy some summer blooms and stay cool!

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

vintage shopping in New Bedford

I took another trip into New Bedford this Sunday for another round of vintage shopping. 

 Acushnet River Antiques, is a well hidden gem in a lovely old mill. 

 I'm pretty in love with the character of this building. Brick and iron fire escapes always steal my heart.

 Since I had been getting my fill of vintage clothes shopping as of late I set out to find new displays for my work.

Sometimes a girl needs to spruce up her craft fair table.

 I've only been to two of the four major antique shops in New Bedford so I wanted to explore while I found some useful and much needed items.

This place got more and more amazing as I explored.

 There was an old sign to one of the roller coasters which once was up and running at Lincoln Park. 
[unfortunately I couldn't get far enough away to take a picture]

 And how cool is this bowling game?

I tried my best to photograph this letter "O" but it was buried. I want to take a guess and say that was also a remnant from Lincoln Park. I so miss that place!

 It wasn't all fun and games. There were amazing housewares too. 

 I'm just dying to have one of the wall sconces or chandeliers. 

The camera collection was pretty great. Ironically my iPhone just didn't want to take a focused picture of these beauties, so this is the best I have.

 This sewing matching came in an amazing wooden case. I adored this machine, it was difficult not to bring home.

Off with his head!

 So, here's a new display. A whole three bucks for a drawer I have grand ideas for.
[i just love the details for the handle, which I look forward to fixing] 

I've needed some height in the back of my table for a while. Height with a wall to hide my water, phone, packaging, you know those things you don't want customers to see... I may need to do a mock set up of my booth to fine tune my idea and I may start with some paint first.

 I can't wait to test this out and see if it will work for one of my three machines. For $7 I decided it was worth it. And it came with a manual, that sealed the deal.

This is my final addition to my displays. I think it needs some paint. The piece it is replacing was painted a bright blue and I was forever receiving compliments on the color. Maybe just the outside gets some blue and I'll leave the inside natural. You know I will post a before and after at some point.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Summer is blooming indoors, on the fire escape and on the side of the road. 
It's gorgeous all around.

tomato plant + oxalis
tomato plant + oxalis behind a curtain

my first morning glory!

gerbera daisies from my step-sister. they are loving the fire escape.

lilies! the true sign of July!

queen anne's lace on the side of the road.

i had a little fun switching back to my beloved shake it photo. what a fun app!

happy wednesday! 
xo, kim

thrifted + handmade: what i wore

As I write this post for today I am wearing a thrifted skirt I bought when I was in high school. It's been with me for about 16 years and who knows how long it existed before I came across it. It seems that thrifting is a huge part of what makes me me, just like the handmade movement. 

 Thrifting started as a necessity. All I had to get clothes with were the dollars I saved from cleaning my grandmother's house every week. And, wasn't the best place to get a little skater girl her cargo shorts at the Army Navy Store? And Savers and Salvation Army were certainly good for corduroys and old school t-shirts. You know the ones, with flocked letters, don't you?

 Now I thrift because clothes are still expensive. There is also the element of the joyous find and knowing that you are likely not to match someone at a party. It's such a feeling of victory.
[by the way, isn't this shirt detail pretty? it's a converse thrifted find.]

 A converse thrifted top means chucks on the feet. 

 This handmade belt may be in hiding with this outfit, but it's there and I love it. Have you heard of Red Thread Belting? If not take a look at Sherry's work. Her belts are a must any day I wear jeans. As of today I have a healthy collection of five glitter belts. I did see her at a fair this weekend with a version of this black belt with silver sequins, I think that will take my count to six soon enough. What kind of respectful silversmith could turn down so much silver glitter?

 The jeans are new. New, I tell you! Target brand, good and cheap!

 My other handmade accent are these lovely earrings by Dahlia Kanner. I adore these earrings.

 And this ring by Stefan Witjes. I got it while in Amsterdam. Stefan had the most amazing shop full of handmade wonders. He is a silversmith and goldsmith who also work with steel. One day I will get back there and add to my meek collection. 

Here's my beloved belt. I needed to do it some justice and take a real photo of it so you could see just how lovely it is. I am head over heels in love with that red stitching. Aren't you?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

thrifting in New Bedford

Part of my New Bedford adventure included some vintage shopping at Circa. It is a favorite destination within a favorite destination,  New England Demolition and Salvage

I think this mannequin fancies herself being onstage along side Madonna.

Check out this pole dancer! She's got the moves.

I love this wall of hatboxes. Wouldn't this be an amazing way to decorate your bedroom?

And these guys, what is there to say about them? Hear no evil and see no evil?

happy weekend!
xo, kim


city stroll: New Bedford

I had the most fabulous romp in New Bedford last Saturday. It was great fun to visit my old stomping ground. I loved living here while I finished my sixth year of bachelor studies and often fancy myself moving back here. The art scene is alive and thriving!

This is one of those lucky shots you just couldn't plan. I loved this sequin star in a window display and took an attempting to capture it. I hadn't realized until the picture "developed" that you could see the reflection on the city around the star. 

And here is the other side of the street with a lovely gingko tree.

I can't believe this new and improved New Bedford. When I was a student this little courtyard seemed  like a dream. Through a fence you could see these potentially beautiful space with brick walkways surrounded by lovely old buildings and trees. 

It seems like some landscaping it starting to happen.

Making this courtyard even more magical.

And if you get this table, you will always win at chess.

I left my old neighborhood and started towards our favorite vintage shops.

This is a building I have long admired and pulled the car over so I could get some pictures of it. 

I love the brick, stone, metal and paint of the facade. 

But most of all, I love the ladies who watch over the building.

They appear to be angelic and strong at the same time.

Smart and beautiful.

And powerful. 

I do wish this building were open for me to explore the interior. For now I will keep poking around and taking pictures. For a place on the side of the highway, it is ever so peaceful.

happy friday!
xo, kim

thrifted: Jackie Kennedy style

I needed a little retail therapy the other day and Savers is always just the right place. You have no expectations when you walk in but you always leave with something [or many things] great.

About thirty seconds in the door I spotted two scarves and fell head over heels in love. When I got them home and tried different ways to wear them I realized wearing them in the style of Jackie Kennedy was the way to go.

I can't believe the beauty of this scarf. In each corner there is a different butterfly. Same color palette but with different markings. The colors are so feminine and cheery. I wish you could see more of these details when the scarf is being worn. I am thinking it could also make a nice shawl on a cool summer night.

I love how this scarf compliments my curls. And it will serve to protect them. I do love my sunroof open on nice summer days. Normally I hate eating my hair with all of the wind. But this, this will be a fine resolution.

As an online friend said, it was like Savers knew I was coming. This scarf is meant for me. Flowers and bright colors and the flowers named in this lovely cursive. 

Savers always seems to make my day brighter.
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Now that summer is here what are your favorite parts of this season?

I enjoy the cool nights, rain and flowers bursting from hibernation.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

city stroll : wickenden street

 One rainy day last week I took a stroll on Wickenden Street. Well, it was actually two rainy days. One day for father's day shopping and the other for a haircut and a lesson in curling my hair. 
[by the way, do we like the new profile picture?]

 This is one of the first neighborhoods that made me fall in love with Providence. 

 There's Felini's Pizzeria, the coffee exchange, utrecht, brick on wick and quaint little shops like the curatorium.

 The telephone poles and tree trunks are full of lovely textures. 

 And lights!

 The bases of trees are neatly fenced in and the ground around them covered in gorgeous blooms. 

 These yellow and orange flowers were my favorites. They remind me of my current enamel palette.

 And of course there are stickers to brighten up those ugly electrical boxes.

 This may be an urban street but it is oh so pretty.

 The perfect mix of nature, urban culture, brick, brightly painted homes and businesses.

 Can you spy the obey sticker in this picture? 

 While the yellow and orange flowers above were my favorite on the ground level, this lily was my favorite at facade level. Perfectly bright color contrast for this rainy day walk.

 This might just be my favorite screen door. Doesn't the pattern speak to my iron work series? I need to plan a new addition to the collection especially for valentine's day. 

 See why I am smitten, graffiti and brick. It doesn't get much better than that.

The epitome of city living. Chain link fence, overgrown weeds and a teeny alley way. 

 And one more great thing about Wickenden Street...

...the window boxes!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Summer didn't just arrive today, it came with a blast. I'll be making an attempt to survive my fourth floor heat trap of a studio. I see myself home taking pictures of new work in the air conditioned flat instead. Either way, it is work and it is productive. 

happy summer solstice! enjoy the bright blooms.
xo, kim

thrifted, handmade + altered: what I wore

I have been a lover of skate shirts since high school. Element would be one of my absolute favorites as they were the first skate company to offer clothing for girls and these clothes are proudly designed by girls. 

This has long been one of my favorite shirts but I hadn't worn it much as the sleeves were cropped, tight and uncomfortable. Finally, I decided to take some scissors to this t-shirt and make it into a tank top. The sleeves came off and the the neckline was made bigger. Now it's perfect. I get to wear my shirt with golden flowers and butterflies. 

In the few spare moments I had while studying jewelry and metals at UMass Dartmouth I made rings for myself. This was my first square bezel setting which was no easy task. I wore this ring so much the labradorite is scratched and the silver has dings and colored epoxy on it from past projects I made while wearing it. I'm still in love with the stone's iridescent darkness and the history it shows of my hard earned BFA. 

Here's the thrifted part, another gap skirt. There's a pattern here, I love aline jean skirts from the gap.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

august adventures

I took these on the first day of august. It seems like forever ago. Callie and I went for a stroll in the early evening when the sun wasn't overbearing.

I love how the lady above looks like she is floating. She captivated me on this day. 

the first of august seems so long ago. it seemed to create a promise of feeling better soon. but august is narrowing in on september and i still get uncomfortable and wish for better times.

xo, kim

sorry to start monday out being so morose. 


flower photos

here are two random flowers photographs. 
I've never seen this type of hydrangea before. The layering and mix of colors is just beautiful. 
This hibiscus was pretty amazing too. It looks carefully hand-painted.

happy thursday!
xo, kim


aqua + black

 from a new-to-us picnic spot in the city.

there was something sweet about this simple graffiti..
..and these sweet orange chairs. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim


For the first time this summer I saw calendula. I've seen this flower in the form of graphic art when buying something scented with the oil from the plant but have never have I seen the real thing.
I think what I love most is that it seems like a weed or wild flower. 
{I like the unusual}

And it is just the cheeriest golden orange.

A color which looks fabulous with this sapphire blue vase by tanner glass.

I love my father for picking this vase out for me. My step-mother had pretty purple calla lilies in it when she presented it to me. They too looked lovely.

happy sunday!
these photos just might give me the inspiration I need to get embroidering.
xo, kim

friday in the city

I spent my Friday in a leisurely manner. Sitting at White Electric reading and browsing record stores.
Somehow I was able to get the window seat. It is nearly never available for me.

These are so brilliant, I fancy having that super handy Tom Toupin make me an asterisk one day.

My cup of darkness. 
{I love that so many artists have left their impressions at this cafe.}

I felt like I was in another world, shielded by this plant.

If only my kitchen had walls like these.

In case you didn't know I am quite interested in Audrey Hepburn. There's something so grand about her playing one of the first 'call girls' when hollywood wasn't allowed to portray women as such.

I can't decide which I love more..

...those white walls...

...or the red gate.
Though, the ceiling is a contender too.

this is definitely one of my favorite places in the city.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

rose garden at Roger Williams

As promised here's half of the photos from Roger Williams Park. I separated them into rose garden and surrounding hibiscus {which will be coming soon}. 

I love that no matter which park you are in in Providence the benches are all the same.

The lichen on this one is quite divine.

The garden is a quaint courtyard enclosed by lovely trellises. 

It seems to be an escape within the park itself. 

There are still some roses in bloom.

Though I'm not much of a fan of roses this was a pretty garden.

If it hadn't been raining I would have been upset I didn't bring a book and blanket.

It's the perfect Sunday picnic spot.

I plan on returning in the winter, I'm betting it's pretty with a dusting of snow.

There were subtly colored roses in pale peach,

vibrant, deep pink, 

and palest yellow.

It was lovely to be consumed by them. Low lying bushes sprawled up towering trellises. 

And each flower had a just a few drops of rain on their petals and leaves.

When the heat remains low for a while this will be another of our picnic spots. I'm looking forward to some sunday fundays with low temperatures and less pain in my future.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

liberty elm diner

On Sunday we tried out a new-to-us breakfast spot, Liberty Elm Diner.
I must say, I'm in love.

I was beyond excited to discover the list of local food sources. Aside from my love of supporting local businesses, I love knowing where my food comes from. As I don't eat cheese with animal rennet in it, this opens up many options for me as I knew what I could and couldn't eat here.

This really surpassed the typical greasy spoon experience. 
The only thing I am sad about is I left my little breakfast umbrella behind.

And since I don't frequent this neighborhood it was nice to walk around just a little..

..to take in some urban greenery..

..like this 'leopard print' grass..
{this is possibly my favorite picture here}

..and the black eyed susans.

The grounds around the RIPTA station are surprisingly well kept.

I went a little overboard taking photos of the flowers and grasses.

But it was a fun little color study..

..to see how the brilliant yellow, grassy green, brick red and straw yellow all looked in different combinations.

Plus, it is neat to see how the forms become abstract into gestures and color.

Back to more things urban, a flower on a lamp post,

and a cosmos growing from the concrete. 

Since we did the taste test and approved I am hoping to take my father and step mother here soon. It's a belated gift for my father's birthday, he taught me how to love those greasy spoons. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: after this we drove through Roger Williams Park {yes, drove, it was raining} and I stopped at the rose garden for a few quick photographs. I'll share those soon.

welcome summer!

There sure are lots of bumble bees out and about in our yard.
I love hearing them buzz about.

And I love these zinnias!

Can you spot the wee baby bee on this zinnia?

The bees love the purple cone flowers too!

The black eyed susans came out...

..and I love how they look against this purple bush growing nearby.

We went to the cemetery in Providence without any pond incidents. 

This stone is the most unusual one I've ever seen.

The weeds against this old stone are so sweet.

They would make a pretty bouquet or wreath for your hair.

We discovered some slate headstones in North Burial Ground. 
They nearly look like wood with the way they weather. 

And here is my clean pup. I love seeing her whites white.

happy summer! 
I've been stowed away in front of the air conditioner. It's one hot summer!
xo, kim

in my yard

While I was planting some zinnia seeds for indoors I snuck a few into the ground along the driveway. No one seems to mind.
They always have the prettiest of colors accented by their yellow centers.

I tried out a new lens for my hipstamatic. 

I can't decide if it is right for capturing flowers.

Everything is so subdued. 

But maybe it is perfect for those hazy days of summer.

I think these are weeds but I love them just the same.

Doesn't this look more like it?

Nice bright hues.

I've been missing the sun and sky this summer. 

But I think things are looking up this week. 

I am feeling stronger and on the mend.

I think I'll take a little more time to hide away in the shade.

This Irish lass always melts in the heat. I'm not like these flowers.

Enjoy the sun.

And please stay healthy + cool.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim