lovely and local : broken twill textiles

I love shopping local on etsy. Often I discover that an artist I love is quite close to home. Broken Twill Textiles isn't just found locally at Craftland, these goods are made right in Providence.

Kate and Wendy team up to create these fun designs for your home. Kate is the weaver and Wendy is the painter and surface designer and together they form a perfect union. 

These ladies approach fabric in different ways, but their love of bold colors and patterns unites their pieces into a cohesive line of work. 

happy thursday! xo, kim

now get decorating

lovely and local : Carr Studio

Long ago back in autumn I was vending my bling at Craftopia and across from me were these amazing aluminum prints. Each one was shimmering like a jewel from the Carr Studio booth. 

Then a month later while working at Craftland customers would trickle to the counter asking if they could get some help in removing an aluminum print off the wall. Once they had one of these shimmery tiles in their hands they would be amazed that it looked even more stunning in their hands. 

I love how Nancy's subject matter ranges from details of nature to landscapes and cityscapes and finally to the figure. All of these subjects are treated with the same care for detail. 

Her eye for color, pattern and composition are what makes her work so successful. Nancy keeps her eyes open and waits for just the right moment to capture her vision.

This may just be my favorite. I am fascinated with the gorgeous buildings in our city and always wonder what they look like from inside or how their neighboring buildings look through a window or from a rooftop. And she captured copper turned verdigris over time. I am smitten!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: get shopping!

lovely and local : MB by Brigid

Baby, it's cold outside. But Brigid is making adorable knits to keep baby cozy. Not just baby, she makes some great neck warmers for you too.

Ok, not just cozy, cute to boot! 

Brigid has a bright and cheery color selection for your wee one. 

Her store has more than just knits to offer. This super cute, perfect for valentine's day photograph is there as well. Brigid also has a few appliqued shirts and headbands too. Grab a hot cocoa and get on over to her shop. Get something warm for the chilly outdoors.

happy thursday!
xo, Kim

lovely and local : morris & essex

I don't think I shared with you all of the handmade goodness I got for christmas yet. A good part of my loot came from Morris & Essex. I first discovered them while vending at Picnic Portland this past summer. I fell in love with all of her pieces making it hard to pick just one item. In the end I settled for some screenprinted undies {shown below} and kept a business card so I knew where to return to make my holiday wish list. 

This moth & butterfly shirt has become a fast favorite. It is so comfortable, rusty orange and adorned with insects. 
These little birds are so sweet. Ones I would love to feed breadcrumbs to in the city. Now if only the weather were more suitable for the shirt...
I have yet to acquire this shirt {hint: x-small please!}. I love how Morris & Essex re-visits a theme. She obviously loves nature but doesn't bore us with the same images. She changes the silhouette, adds or detracts detail and never inundates us with the same palette. 

If you are looking for some cards to send to loved ones Morris & Essex has a website full of handprinted paper goodness. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

lovely and local : egg-a-go-go

Sarah Coyne is the mistress of cute behind egg-a-go-go. If you are an avid buyer of handmade I am quite certain you have seen her work around. 

This holiday season folks flocked into Craftland looking for this shirt (or the card version). I heard many stories about so and so being clever and having a husband with a beard and glasses. I can see the attraction. 

I find these to be the sweetest little pillows. 

What is it about mixers that attracts me? Maybe it's that I love all of the colors they come in. They are like jewels for your kitchen, accented with shiny steel bowls. That's it right there, jewels and shiny, those are the reasons I love them so.

As with all of Sarah's work this feathers and leaves print is simple with just the right colors. That is the theme that attracts me. Her lines are clean and accentuated with just the right amount of color. Nothing is overdone, just made to perfection. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

lovely and local : modern printed matter

I love when I discover that handmade goodies I love are made locally. While I knew Modern Printed Matter was a store in Warren I just hadn't put together that the cards people loved so much in the Craftland show came from the same place. 

I happily clicked through many items in Modern Printed Matter's etsy shop and included one of her cards in my recent treasury

Anna has a great aesthetic, simple yet bold. Her images are clean and perfectly represented in a single vibrant color attracting just enough attention. 

I can't decide what I like more her vintage prints or the nature themed ones. They are both so well done. Let me just drop a little hint here, your lover would totally appreciate some personalized note cards. I promise you!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

lovely and local : The Ruby Needle

Lately all I can do is try and layer up to stay warm, such is winter in New England. I am growing to envy those who can wear wool more and more each day. And seeing the lovely pieces made by Beth of The Ruby Needle makes me all the more jealous of you wool wearing folk. 
These over the top designs look ever so cozy and perfect for any lady freezing her way through the Rhode Island winter. When I say over the top I say it with pure affection. I admire Beth's bold stitches balanced with just the right amount of color and texture. 

I just love her formula, it makes for ageless and timeless pieces which will always keep you stylishly warm.

Aside from knitting Beth writes a beautiful blog full of inspiration. I am always pleasantly surprised when I check out her blog and see the banner at the top. A mix of serene images with just the right colors making me always wanting to come back to read more. 

keep toasty warm!
xo, kim 

lovely and local : regeneration

While selling my bling at Mass Market a few weeks ago I came across a shop called regeneration

I soon discovered that this eight foot table was representing a store from Roslindale. The shop is home to a silkscreening studio and also showcases new and vintage clothing, housewares and furniture. 

I love her designs. 

Another nice little secret is that I am working on getting some pieces on consignment for Regeneration. It seems like a pretty sweet shop and I can't wait to be a part of it. 

any last minute local shopping to do? maybe there is something perfect here? or at the regeneration shop? or maybe you love the swallow t-shirt shown above from their etsy shop? if you are still looking for me I am size small.
xo, kim

PS: this shop has since closed but I do love sharing her work. 

lovely and local : Meghan Burch

There wasn't all that much time to be browsing Bazaar Bizarre a few weeks ago while I was vending there. Though, I did take some time to look at Meghan Burch's table. 

Her color palette is what caught my eye, making her table stand out from the rest. This along with her simple aesthetic.

Meghan has the knack for making everyday objects more enjoyable to use. 

She expertly mixes finely contoured lines with bold colors setting her printed fabrics aside from the ordinary. 

Meghan's work makes life a little more festive. Don't you agree?

I recommend getting in some last minute shopping to take advantage of her items with free shipping.

buy local & handmade, kim

lovely and local : bark

It has been a while since I last did a lovely and local post. It isn't that I am out of things lovely or local it is just that I am quite busy. But it is nice to relax and look at handmade stuff and write a few words about it and I am happy to get back to it!

I have noticed bark at a few outdoor markets we have both participated in. Their tent looks quite inviting. I suggest you take the time to stop in, you will be glad you did. 

I am always attracted to items with birdcages on them. Although these are different, as the birdcages have more style like those you may find at an antique store. The colors are great too. I love white on robin's egg blue. The mustard envelope compliments the card well. 

 Aren't these holiday cards wonderful? I find them to be quite different from the usual suspects. 

I am also quite smitten with owls. This one has some spectacular gem-like eyes.

And here is the pillow I always see lingering at the edge of bark's tent. Seems like the perfect place for this item, it is quite handsome and eye-catching.

I do hope you enjoyed this little company from my beloved Boston.
xo, kim

lovely and local : Vonica Designs

If you like a mix of textures and subtle colors with bold accents you will love Vonica Designs.
She combines a fine mixture of fabrics to keep your fingertips happy. I think nubby ones are my favorite. 

And her neutral palette is well accentuated with bold color in the form of an animal...

...or flower...

...or sometimes it is an abstract pattern reminiscent of a landscape... 

...but it's always bright and always bold. That is what draws me to the pieces of Vonica Designs

Enjoy the work of Vonica Designs, all handmade in Jamaica Plain, MA. 

happy shopping! kim

ps: she is going to be at Twist with me!!!

lovely and local : thimblewinder

I was introduced to thimblewinder by a lovely, local crafty lady. She was sporting one of these fantastic pins. Well, OK pins I suppose. {I love the idea of celebrating OK!}
After becoming smitten with this pin I realized there was much more to threadwinder's repartee. She is the maker of illustrated prints and zines too. Her palette may seem vast but there is a unifying theme: cheeky! 

I think the medals are my favorite. It would have been nice growing up to know that there are some things that are fine enough at being OK at instead of placing in the top three. But, to place, is the best, isn't it? Seems I can't make up my mind after all.

And I had to add this little ornament to my selection of favorites. The holiday season is fast approaching. Wouldn't this be the perfect companion for a fake tree? I am thinking a silver colored fake tree with large colored lights. 

Maybe I will be lucky enough to sneak a peek at threadwinder's booth at Bazaar Bizarre
xo, kim

lovely and local : zoetropa

Welcome to my newest series of posts, lovely and local. This week's feature is on Zoetropa, a printmaking enthusiast from Boston, Massachusetts. 

I am smitten with her simple lines used to portray everyday subject matter. The artist's images have a sketched quality unlike most block prints. Faint whispers of line look like brush strokes giving the image some life.

Who knew bulldog clips could be so fun? Pam uses vibrant colors to catch our attention, making us appreciate a common object. But the repetition of the clip reminds us that it is still just an everyday object, a fun everyday object!

Zoetropa's photographs are wonderful. They make me fall in love with her products. Isn't that the way it should be when selling on etsy? Pam really has a knack for design. Her store reaches past the limits of etsy's format and her blog is simply simple. She adds the right amount of color to catch our attention. 

Yes, I am smitten! Oh, and you lucky locals, you can see Zoetropa's work in person at Craftland. But, that isn't surprising is it?

enjoy! kim