diy table runner

I have been doing a lot of thrifting as of late.  

I couldn't help but get this working singer sewing machine from salvation army. Then I couldn't help myself from using it. 

I had this fabric from Lorraine's Fabric. My original idea was to trim this lovely fabric with some twill tape. But It was a nightmare to work with when I got to sewing it. 

I went back to just pinning and ironing the hem and made a trip to Lorraine's Fabric to look for another trim. 

My rickrack find was way better than the twill tape in so may ways. Maybe it was just working with rickrack, or that I love turquoise and pea green together. 

It may be simple but I love the results. The color combination is just perfect for my home. 

happy tuesday!
xo, kim


lovely and local : Vonica Designs

If you like a mix of textures and subtle colors with bold accents you will love Vonica Designs.
She combines a fine mixture of fabrics to keep your fingertips happy. I think nubby ones are my favorite. 

And her neutral palette is well accentuated with bold color in the form of an animal...

...or flower...

...or sometimes it is an abstract pattern reminiscent of a landscape... 

...but it's always bright and always bold. That is what draws me to the pieces of Vonica Designs

Enjoy the work of Vonica Designs, all handmade in Jamaica Plain, MA. 

happy shopping! kim

ps: she is going to be at Twist with me!!!

lovely finds at the open market

This past Sunday I snuck out of my not so busy tent at the open market to take a peak at other vendors goods. And did I fall in love. My first stop was whistling sparrow designs where I discovered upcycled stitched creations. You must know by the description that all of Libby's items are unique, fun and never the same. This is why I am in love, her tent was alive with creativity.

This tank was the first thing to catch my eye. It reminds me of some handmade goodness that I found in London four long years ago. Beautiful bits and pieces of remnants put together to bring life to a shirt that someone else no longer cared for.

Behold, another lovely tank. The theme is so similar but Libby is too creative to keep it the same. I love the newspaper quality to it. There must be a message somewhere...

I adore the rosettes on this tank...

.....and the detail -the layers, tulle, words. Love that she chose to use an elaborate decoration in moderation.

I found my way past the racks of clothes to see some accessories and they are just as lovely. These clutches are wonderful, each having their own perfect detail.

Finally, I discover a display of rosettes. May I mention, I too use kitchen wares to display my work, so don't you think I am just smitten? These are all so different I have no idea how one could chose just one. What I admire most is that this artist will never tire of what she does. We will always have lovely new creations from whistling sparrow designs to look forward to. What will we discover next? I bet it is stitched to perfection and completely fresh.


Favorite of the Weekend!

Another passion of mine is sending handwritten notes on beautiful paper and uniquely adorned cards. Sometimes I fashion my own cards, others I find in unexpected places and add them to the collection. Of course, when I am traveling I search for exotic cards to send along special notes in. But a little search on etsy proved that there are some lovely handmade cards right under my nose. My search may have ended, these are the cards I have had pictured in my head as the perfect finds!

Have I mentioned that these little beauties have surprises that come with them? Handmade confetti is quite the luscious treat! Or you can use these decorations to get crafty yourself, add some adhesive to the back to decorate the inside of the card or the envelope. These cards aren't just playful in design, they are meant to be fun to receive as well.

Sara has other ideas to brighten your day aside from cards. Handmade check book covers have the same festive feel as your cards. Maybe this will rub off while you are paying your bills!

Did I mention that she has the same attention to detail with her sewing as with her cards?

Finally, an addition to your wardrobe, a pretty detail you won't want to be without.

Take some advice from Sara. Make every day special, even the rainy ones we have been enduring in New England.

Take a look at her shop. I am sure the whoever receives one of her handmade gifts will have a brighter day.