spring greens are here to stay

The thing I love most about seeing the trees and grass starting to turn green in spring is that green is here to stay deep into the summer. And it is just going to get greener.

happy summer!
xo, kim

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spring blues

 Here are some blues I captured this spring.

Irises fascinate me. One day there will be a permanent one on me as an iris is the last thing I ever drew for my grandmother. Along with my other grandmother she raised me, encouraged me, praised me and loved me and most important, they made me feel safe. Without those ladies I wouldn't have a love of books or art in my life. I wouldn't know a woman could fix things and make things just as well as a man can. Without them, I wouldn't be the woman I am today and without them around I find myself a little lost but so very grateful to have had them in my life.

xo, kim

spring yellows

 ...along with some whites, purples and oranges...

I already miss the daffodils.

xo, kim

spring pinks

Is it just me or has spring come and gone faster then ever this year? I haven't had time to share the spring blossoms I captured this year so I am posting them by color. Maybe this makes for a shorter and sweeter post...

My favorite pictures are the rain soaked peonies. Which are yours? 

happy spring!
xo, kim

goodbye spring

I didn't do the best at keeping up with my welcome spring posts. So, here's a sad goodbye to spring. 
A sad blue and deep purple adieu. 

It seems like these blooms came and went in the blink of an eye. Is it just me or did the irises seem particularly gorgeous this year?

goodbye to spring. 
xo, kim

happy weekend!

It looks like we are in for a dreary weekend. Just remember, we need  showers to get these gorgeous flowers. Think of the bright blooms and know the sun will be out soon.

happy weekend!
xo, kim

welcome spring!

Spring has flown by, flowers have bloomed and wilted as quickly as they came. Since I have been so tardy with my welcome spring posts I thought I would arrange all future posts by color. This way none of our favorite spring blooms get lost in the shuffle.
For no special reason, I am starting with pink...

Pink dogwoods are always a favorite.

They are simple, cheery and just as amazing alone or huddled together on a branch.

These sweet blossoms (someone help me here on the name) are the perfect start to spring. And I love how it looks like pink snow when these trees shed their flowers. 

And the most vibrant of spring pinks are always bleeding hearts.

But these azaleas are quite bright as well. 

Anemone clematis are one of my favorite spring vines. These are the palest of pink and well accented with yellow stamen. I do wish these stayed around longer. 

This yard is always full of lovely color combinations. Everything compliments these blue tiled steps. 

Rainy day walks can make for nice pictures. 

Something must be brewing in our neighborhood. I've been seeing pink spots on the curbs. I suspect there is road work in our future. 

I'm smitten with my pink English Daisies on the fire escape. I check on them everyday to look for new buds. They are so innocent looking.

This iris is certainly more peach than pink but it is a lovely site, especially with its orange accents.

There are so many spring blooms which are so simple yet so stunning.

After being starved for color all winter, any and all blooms are welcome.

With this pink spring photo collection all together I've realized the contrast between the bright and sunny photos...

...and the rainy day photos. I just can't choose a favorite. Well, I can choose a favorite weather to take my strolls in but seeing raindrops collecting on petals is a pretty site on film. 

Which do you prefer? Raindrop photos? Sunny ones? Walks in the sun? Puddle jumping? Or walks right after the rain? 

One of my favorite color combinations are pink, orange and yellow. It's daring but so lovely.

Dahlias are another favorite. I've always wanted these in my garden. Maybe next year...

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

welcome spring!

I have been so overwhelmed with all of the lovely blooms this spring. It seems like everything is popping up all at once. 

But poppies are always my favorite.

There were in a sweet window box I came across one spring evening in downtown Providence.

Pansies are always adorable...

..but they lacking in the graceful gesture of a poppy.

I just love the effect of capturing these flowers with my hipstamatic. Some of the photos seem inspired by Andy Warhol. And maybe I haven't told you this yet, but I am a huge fan of Pop Art.

happy wednesday to you!
xo, kim

budding trees + brick

The trees were starting to bloom last time I was downcity. 

 I can't decide what is prettier, seeing the buildings through the trees or seeing that lovely sky through a mess of branches...

xo, kim

spring blooms!

Our near summer-like weather has come and gone. While it was here it brought blooms along with it.

 My favorite are the muscari. 
Which spring blooms are your favorite?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

neighborhood flowers + one sweet wheel

My neighborhood never gets boring. 
There are shiny wheels and bright blooms right around the corner. 


I've never seen a peach iris before. I love the orange fuzz on the lower petals. 

There are so many colors around. Even grey days are nice and bright. Not that we have had many grey days lately.

 I love zinnia! Right now there are some sprouting in pots in my bedroom window. I hope they bloom soon. I've been itching to get some photos of them.

I love flowers mixed in together. Yellow + white are a perfectly cute combination.

Anyone know the name of the white ones?

Cosmos are pretty cute too. Dainty + simple.

And the color of this lupine is stunning. 

happy tuesday! 
i am coming off a long birthday weekend. 
lots of celebrating and photos were taken. expect lots of posts soon.
xo, kim

spring! (new film + rain)

I got some new film for my hipstamatic. As of yet I can't decide if I am a fan or not. 
It captures the image well.

Nice color contrast.

And perhaps the perfect amount of haze.

But the frame changes, drastically. Sometimes it matches the subject, but not always.

On this day I took a bunch of pictures after the rain.
This isn't a new film, but one less explored.

I am happy I took the time to try it.

I must say, puffballs are best captured after rain. The details are amazing.

 There are still some lily of the valley out to play. 

There is so much blooming right now,

it is hard to take it all in.

The rain droplets were so on my side in this iris photo.

I have never seen beach roses in the city before. We had lots of them at one of our college rentals in westport. They smell just like potpourri. 

I love clematis!

The blooms all came out so pretty. I welcome the colors after the long winter we just had.

So does Callie girl. She is sitting pretty because my pocket is full of treats. Callie is getting much better at sitting when we stop at corners to cross. Treats work wonders!

happy almost weekend!
xo, kim


Arnold Arboretum

I am fresh back from a little weekend getaway. I went ever so far away to Boston for a few days. The highlights of my trip was taking a train there, visiting the ICA {seeing Shepard Fairey's prints}, visiting the MFA for some fashion and Chihuly, walking Beacon Hill at night, my first ever trip to Arnold Arboretum and eating at Wagamama {twice!}.

Since I took the train into the city I either took the T or walked everywhere. This is where I got off the orange line to get to the Arboretum. 

It was a little bit of a walk before I saw some flowers. 

And the drizzle turned to rain. 

So I quickly took a few pictures before I went into the main building to explore.

I fell in love with a pine cone. It's symmetry is amazing.

I am hoping to have some dawn redwood cast in the near future. 

I have forgotten the names of these lovely branches. What a pretty neck piece this would make.

  I played with the microscope they set up for the kiddies. It was great fun!
Especially when I started to take pictures through it.

It is a rather lovely place. I hope to get back before the summer heats up.

There were also some great bonsai trees.

They were all locked up and for good reason, some were started in the 1700's.

This was my favorite. Something with the pine needles attracted me.

 Maybe it's that they remind me of silver wire.

And pink anemone clematis. I found some of this in Providence earlier in the week unsure of what it was. I love arboretums for labeling everything.

Then I followed a lilac lined path back to the orange line.

It smelled amazing.

And I found some great new to me varieties. 

 I was most amazed to see some lilac bushes with flowers covering the whole branch and not just clustering into a cone on the end. 

The colors were so pretty.

And there simple shape is stunning too.

They will find a way into my jewelry work. Especially my enameling.

It was a pretty spring day, regardless of the rain.

I am forever amazed at the number of flowering trees. 

I can't wait to get back there for summer, then autumn. Arnold Arboretum would be the perfect place to watch the seasons change. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

city blue

Once again inspired by little brown pen I set out to capture some color in the city. 

It seems that blue is most likely to be found on the ground.

Or mostly below hip level. 

And it seems that whether the city paints the color,

or one of it's dwellers,

it comes out in nearly the same shade of blue.

I love the hue blue takes on once it starts to become patinated. 

This one is beautiful as the color wears you can see the rusted metal beneath the paint.

I love the contrast between the man made flower, 

and those from nature. 

Another great contrast is the shade of painted blue against concrete, 

and the shade of muscari against rock. 

This neighbor loves color. I am always sneaking pictures of her front gardens.

I just love these violets pushing their way through the cracks in the pavement. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

happy may!

it is officially may when the lily of the valley come out to play.

happy thursday. 
i'll be feverishly preparing for twist. what are you up to?
xo, kim

rockin' the craft world this spring

I left my studio for a wee nap. Tomorrow is my last day of making for Twist fair. Before I snooze I thought I would take a minute or two to show you some new color combinations and the photograph that inspired them. 

I took this photograph a long time ago {before craft} at Blithewold Gardens. This is a hipstamatic of the original which hangs in front of my soldering/torch-firing area. 
{I would love to know the name of this lovely pink flower so speak up if you are in the know.}

spring dot necklace

spring dash of color
I formerly worked for a florist. When finishing an arrangement with a bow I generally chose a green bow because it would match the leaves and bring out the greenery. Green is my go-to accent color in the flower world. I couldn't just leave these pink this time around so the splash of green is to remind you of the flower's stem and leaves. Aside from the photo above, these also remind me of easter tulips, bright and cheery pink to celebrate the start of spring.

Twist Craft Fair

If you are in Northampton, MA this fine weekend stop into Twist to see these little numbers for yourself. I will be surrounded by some pretty great crafters from the little state and a lovely neighbor from Massachusetts. We may be sleep deprived and bleary eyed but we'd love to have you! 

sweet dreams!
xo, kim

spring pinks

there are some amazing pinks in bloom outdoors. 

if only i could appreciate them without the itchy eyes and runny nose. still, after a long winter i don't mind.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

providence yellow

I have been capturing lots of yellow this spring. It is becoming my new favorite color.

I especially love yellow in combination with pink.

happy monday in spring!
xo, kim

april snow

Callie and I ventured out for a windy, petal ridden walk today. It looked like April snow.

Though, I don't mind this April snow at all. New England is blooming again.

happy, happy spring!
xo, kim


happy spring weekend!

Here are some spring blooms for your rainy Saturday.

I am ever so lucky my neighbors have such beautiful gardens.

happy saturday!
xo, kim