supermarket saturdays : Erin Tyner

I came across a new supermarket shop this week. A dramatic photograph caught my eye and I soon found myself caught up in the scenes captured in Erin Tyner's shop

'Fade' is part of the Half Awake series. It was a really difficult task to choose just one image to represent this collection. I am so curious to know more about these scenes. The characters seem to have such a history and I wonder of their struggles and interaction with their environments. 

Another difficult task was choosing just one image to represent the Any Other Name series. This collection of flowers makes for a poised and elegant collection. Now that I caught your attention get browsing Erin Tyner's shop.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : metalnat

I have been eyeing these snap button earrings by metalnat for a few weeks now. There's something so sweet about the simplicity of them. 
It may also be my fondness for imperfect matches. They may not be identical but they go so well together. I am smitten with this everyday object cast into silver and made into jewelry. 

This concrete disco necklace is another great use of an everyday object. Concrete takes on the form of a stone, adding another shade of grey and creating a smooth, cool surface. 

I love seeing utilitarian objects made into bling. This is truly a creative mind at use, taking the ordinary object or material and turning it into functional, everyday jewelry. 

happy saturday! tonight we are celebrating daylight savings time. what are you up to?
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : Orange Beautiful

This week's supermarket favorite is the bright and cheery letterpress designs of Orange Beautiful

They may print in black but the designs are full of cheery expression or text. 

Orange Beautiful accentuates their black and white prints with bright envelopes popping in color.

My favorite of the collection is this little card right here, the one with the daisies and print saying "a little somethin' somethin'" accentuated with the pollen yellow envelope. It is a perfectly sweet little note that I would love to give and receive. 

are you going to be writing a loved one a note? any of these would be well received.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

white nest on supermarket saturdays

Happy saturday! I came across a shop I hadn't seen before on Supermarket and am completely amazed with how wonderfully consistent the products were photographed. It wasn't a surprise to learn that Meg from White Nest was an interior decorator before she ventured onto her one of a kind home goods business. She creates a lovely setup for her handsome goods, showcasing them perfectly.
orange birds in flight hand embroidered pillow cover by white nest
Meg chooses one simple color for the pillow's front and accentuates it with bold embroidery. I love the gesture of the birds in flight, created by just creating outlines.

golden yellow felt ruffle kidney pillow cover by white nest
This golden yellow pillow is perfect. One bold color balanced with a single bold design element, ruffles. There's no competition, just pure balance.

hand embroidered peony flower pillow cover by white nest
These pillows would look lovely on my couch and comfy chairs, migrating throughout the living room. Seeing as I am not one for matching, one of a kind pillows seem perfect for me. 

enjoy your saturday!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : decoylab

Growing up we often went on vacation to New Hampshire. One of my favorite places to visit was the Kellerhaus. After loading up on ice cream overflowing with toppings I put on myself I would scour every last inch of the store. The store was filled with candy, tchotchkes, toys, stickers, santas, you name it. One of my favorite things in the store were the cuckoo clocks.  I would wait for them to chime believing it was magic. I didn't quite understand why sometimes birds came out to celebrate and other times the clocks just chimed. It was unpredictable to me, thus magical.

To me, Decoylab makes the perfect, modern version of a cuckoo clock. 
I love the addition of color blended with woodland creatures and roman numerals, it creates a fresh design for an old idea.

This sweet clock reminds me of my grandmother's doilies. White and delicate but instead of repeating the same pattern flowers and insects invade the circle creating their own design. 

There is something so nostalgic about Decoylab's designs. They take images from my childhood memories and add a modern twist. The more I look at their work the more I love it. Don't you agree?

happy saturday!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : girl tuesday jewelry

There is something simply stunning about this Glacier Necklace by Girl Tuesday Jewelry on supermarket.

I especially love the detail of the two chains hanging below the druzy quartz. Not to mention the simple play of monochromatic color. 

Isn't it perfect that Girl Tuesday Jewelry used an over-sized stone in a simple piece? It isn't over done with too many details. Just the stone and the chain work perfectly together, balancing each other without competition. 

This is just my favorite in her shop. There are hearts a plenty for you to get for your lover. Not get to it!

happy saturday! xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : The Opulent Project

These Day/Night earrings by The Opulent Project are brilliant. 

The design, color and materials are all just, well, brilliant. I love their versatility which forces direct interaction with the wearer. Most earrings just require you to put them on. With these you have decisions to make. Elegant night time wear or simpler business attire. As far as I am concerned, they will always be perfect. If anyone is reading who isn't sure what to buy me for an upcoming holiday, these are high on the list.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

ps: The Opulent Project is a master of using repurposed materials. They are super subtle about it. Their materials are striking but it isn't completely evident of where they came from until reading their product descriptions. Take time browsing their shop, you will thank me later.

supermarket saturdays : swallowfield

I must confess that I am a bit of a stranger to mixed media collage. Not knowing where to begin or end I have yet to attempt it myself. It seems that Jennifer Judd-McGee of Swallowfield has mastered the art form. 

Jennifer gracefully covers pages of books. The results are what we all picture our doodles to become as we start to sketch in the margins. But Jennifer's lines take command of the print, giving it new life and direction. 

She turns printed matter into a mere canvass. Words become meaningless as forms take over.

But this only happen some of the time. Other times the words remain visible interacting with the drawings, completing the piece. 

happy saturday!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : Alisha Louise Designs

Alisha Louise's jewelry has been a long time love of mine on supermarket.  
Her piercing ability is impeccable. As is her planning of design. On the piece above lines intersect and overlap appearing to be formed ironwork. On the one below the design gradually increases in size, effortlessly.  

I am growing quite fond of these pierced pieces with vibrant colors. Especially the one above, orange and blue are just meant to be together, especially on a grand scale. 
Alisha Louise isn't afraid to make a statement. Her jewelry seems bold and fun to wear. And maybe one day I will get to try it on.

happy happy christmas! 
xo, kim

ps: I had mentioned in the original post that Alisha Louise had a body of work at Craftland. This is not the case. Through my crazy working haze I had confused her name with another jewelry artist who does some enameling. The whole time I was thinking the work was drastically different, there was something in the name that confused me. Alisha Louise has a sense of color and design unique to herself and not to be confused with another. Like I said, it was the name and not the work that threw me off.

supermarket saturdays : OOOMS Dutch Design Studio

Yes, that's right, you saw that I just posted ceramic dildos as my supermarket favorite of the week. 
 I am pleased to have discovered a designer with a sense of humor. This may be the piece with the most edge in OOMS' shop but the other designs are also delightful. 

enjoy! xo, kim


supermarket saturdays : Shara Porter

For the past year or so I have been setting up my tent, booth or table at many of the same venues as Shara Porter. Long ago at UMass Dartmouth we would scurry past each other as we rushed to and from our studio spaces politely smiling. This year, we finally got to introduce ourselves and chat a little. After all of this time it was nice to finally meet her. 
I often come across her designs, which isn't hard to do. This woman has quite the list of places carrying her work. Can't you see why? It is adorable and still classy.

And fun too. It is the perfect mix of simple elements. 

A monochromatic image on a simple object makes for a dazzling wallet, coin purse or card holder.

Shara adds the perfect little detail to make an ordinary object interesting. Add some fun to your day with an item from her supermarket shop. I suggest these as a stocking stuffer, they are also perfectly unisex.

happy shopping!
xo, kim

studio sundays

Sometimes, I slow down in the studio and take in my surroundings. Like the pictures I hang up for inspiration on shape or color. 

Such photos may hang for quite sometime before I discover the influence they have on me. 

Then one day, I notice that I am doing more than looking at these photos. 

I am absorbing them, appreciating how the colors interact. And relaying these reactions and emotions into my work. 

 I come to realize what attracted me to these photos from the start. 

They usually hold color combinations I wouldn't dare try on my own. But, maybe that is why I need some time to see them day after day or even year after year. They need to catch my eye just right so I realize just how great nature is. How perfect the colors are and that I can only attempt to capture them in my pieces. 

This inspiration got me on a roll resulting in many new enameled pieces in my etsy and supermarket shops. Well, these are the ones left over from my crazy craft sale weekends. 

happy shopping!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : Lola Riera Jewelry

Seeing as how I write mostly of jewelry I try and choose a craft other than jewelry for my supermarket saturdays post. But, Lola Riera Jewelry was too good to pass up. 

There is something wonderful in the simplicity of Cristina's jewelry. Her work is comprised of monochromatic, easily recognizable shapes. But to the trained eye her forms are quite complex as they are a hand-fabricated hollow structure. 

The simple piercings are also eye catching. Cristina turns a necessity for a hollow form into decoration making her work simply stunning. 

happy saturday! 
I am off selling my wares today. Hopefully, you are buying handmade.
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays : wrecords by monkey

There may be many crafty pieces made of recycled records out there, but they can't touch Wrecords By Monkey's work. One quick look through their shop tells you that it isn't all about the records.
It is about using an eco-friendly materials to make great designs through the medium of jewelry.

There's a hodgepodge of themes to be found in Wrecords By Monkey's body of work. From urban to delicate and loaded with bold prints this Brooklyn based artist cover all the angles.

I can't seem to pick a favorite piece of jewelry by Wrecords By Monkey. I love the materials, design and use of bold color. It all comes together wonderfully.

happy saturday!

supermarket saturdays presents she hit pause studios

This week I have been on the front page of supermarket twice. Both times with the same pair of earrings. {It is quite flattering.} The second time I noticed a shop with some polaroid prints and I knew I would fall in love with she hit pause studios. Even the name is sweet.

I do love seeing this image. It brings back memories of the cyclone at Rocky Point Park, and all of the long hot summer days I spent there. This transfer, like my memories, are splotchy and depicting only the brightest of colors. 
This image is so sweet. I am quite fond of puffballs and making wishes on them. I love how the light is bright on the girl's face, blocking out most of the detail of her features. It makes it easier for us to relate to the photo. It could be of anyone of us making a wish.
Here is the photo which graced the front page of supermarket with me. Another delicate photograph, as the subject matter calls for. 

I do enjoy the range of color in Matt's work. He knows how to use color to create mood. 
The balance in this photograph is perfection. The off center typewriter with the carriage pushed to the right makes for an interesting composition and adds movement to the still frame. She Hit Pause Studios captures nostalgic images with ease. 

To see more brilliant polaroid transfers check out She Hit Pause Studios' website

happy saturday!
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays presents nervous system

This week presents Nervous System, intricate jewelry made of fun materials. Nylon, silver, gold, felt, stainless steel and plastic make up their palette. While their materials may vary greatly the subject matter is what unites their work, patterns found in nature.
My first introduction to the work of Nervous System was while I was volunteering at Craftland. These rings were in a little plastic case on a table I was in charge of straightening. They were the reason for many oohs and aahs. I love how they appear to vary slightly, making each one feel as unique as the structure in nature they represent.

I have been able to touch these pendants and feel the weight under my hands. They are delicate, yet sturdy. Equally a pleasure to wear and to look at.

I am in love with their brooches. They are quite stunning and not at all traditional. While most jewelers would be using the actual coral to make a brooch, Nervous System creates a design inspired by the "aggregate growth of coral and dendrite crystals." Much more eco-friendly, wouldn't you say?

This wave bracelet is another great piece. I love Nervous System's sense of adventure, they explore materials and different manners to adorn the body. Brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings make their work easy for anyone to pick up and want to wear. They are diverse while well unified. 

Enjoy and stop into Craftland to see these in person. If you aren't local I promise you won't be disappointed if you decide to splurge and order something from their shop. You will be in love. 

have a lovely Saturday! Kim

supermarket saturdays welcomes Jellybeans

Today seems to be the official beginning to fall. It is warmer than most autumn days today but the increasing number of crimson leaves are making it quite clear that fall is here. As is the plentiful harvest of apples at the farmers market. Every week our local farmers seem to have more and more to offer and for that I am grateful. Thanks to them we will have some fantastic end of season pizza on the grill tonight. This babbling was supposed to lead smoothly to an introduction of why I chose Jellybeans as my supermarket favorite this week. One of her pieces was on the front page today and I realized how well she seemed to capture the season. 

Retro Falling
And my instinct was right, this is how Angela describes this particular image, "Of a tree in the final stages before it drops its leaves for the winter, fall. I feel that the leaves in the fall have such a ‘retro-ness’ to them, with the reds, oranges, browns, and neutral-like greens and blues." She does a good job capturing the slow speed at which the leaves tumble from the tree to the earth. 

Sapphire Dreams
Saphire Dreams reminds me of a blustery and brisk autumn night around Halloween. 

Acorns Watercolor
On our walks in the park lately, there are have been many acorns crunching under our feet. Maybe that is what makes the walks more enjoyable. I have a new-found energy in getting myself to walk there lately. It has been more refreshing. 

If you are the type who is already preparing for the holidays you should stay tuned to Jellybeans shop. After taking a glance at her blog, I noticed that there are some great winter cards in the works.

happy weekend and happy autumn!


supermarket saturdays presents Steel Toe Studios

This Friday morning as I did my daily check in at Supermarket I saw a belt buckle on the front page that made me drool. 

Isn't this stunning? I love the depth of this design.

Once I looked through Steel Toe Studio's shop I realized that I have been smitten with her work already.  {Steel Toe Studio's pebble dishes have been on my etsy favorite's list for some time now.} These dishes would be perfect to pile some veggies on. Maybe plums from the farmer's market? I do love fresh plums. 

This money clip is brilliant, so well composed. I just love how useful her pieces are. Utilitarian in form and function. 

Stop on by Steel Toe Studios shop for some great design.

supermarket saturdays welcomes Oh, Little Rabbit

Things have settled down just enough for me to start thinking about my blog again. The studio is getting unpacked and used. So far, fifteen pairs of earrings have been made there! Maybe it is just me, but I find this fact to be exciting. 

So, we are back to our regular series of supermarket saturdays! Meet Oh, Little Rabbit....
I can't quite recall which design I fell in love with first, the Revolver and Daisy towel...

...or the Deer Mob/Birch Tree pillow cover. Each has one of my favorite colors {chartreuse and turquoise} and the designs are so sweet. Both are completely different, yet playful. They have a great contrast, for instance the simple outline of the deer versus the texture of the birch bark. Or, the sharp image of the revolver is layered onto soft lace. 

Upon further inspection of Oh, Little Rabbit's shop I fell in love with this towel featuring a bright lemon finding it's way into a heavily decorated tea cup. This splash of yellow gives life to her collection. I adore the subtle hues but love the bold pink and yellow accents which pop into her work now and again. 

Oh, Little Rabbit has a way with design. She layers her images skillfully. Sometimes they make sense {deer and trees} while other times it is just the image that is appealing, bringing the piece together in a visual way. 

Go on and buy yourself some block printed goodness! 
xo, kim

supermarket saturdays welcomes pocketo

I can't recall how I came across this five minute candle by poketo

Maybe it was a tweet, or just from browsing supermarket. But ever since I came across it I have been thinking of uses for it. 

Celebrating a promotion, new baby, anniversary. Or do you just create your own romantic candle lit dinner? I love the spontaneity. They are the perfect size to carry on you just in case. 

What would you celebrate?
xo, kim

p.s. i have this shirt of theirs and i am smitten. really, really smitten.