more trees along the River Seine

I may have found more pictures in my photo album which I couldn't resist sharing. 
I hope you revisiting my trip to Paris as much as I do.

I'm pretty small so if anyone is planning a trip please consider stowing me in your luggage.

xo, kim


trees along the river seine

Back in August of 2005 two newlyweds took the greatest adventure of their lives. Threes days were spent in each city: London, Paris and Amsterdam. Paris being the favorite. The first full day in Paris we took a river tour of the city from the River Seine. Was it ever heavenly. 

 Seven years later I realize I've broken a promise, we have yet to return to my favorite place on earth. I think we need to start saving our change and set a goal to fly away again the the land of cafes, croissants, art and the best place on earth to roam the streets hand in hand.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

J'adore Paris

This is where I was six years ago today. 

 Ever since I've vowed to learn French and to return. So far I am falling short. I just know I will get back there someday. And I'll know French by then too!

happy saturday!
xo, kim


hoping for peace

I took these first two photos six years ago to this day while visiting London.

This last photo was taken on the 11th of august 2005. 
It was always the most powerful scene I could recall from the trip. I was amazed that citizens of England were able to set up signs of protest to leave undisturbed as a reminder of what problems they had. It seemed to be a silent protest of sorts, always visible from the windows of Parliament. I hope the words of citizens don't get lost, problems get resolved and peace comes soon.

peace always, kim


travel tuesdays : montreal green

There were some really great hues in Montreal. 
Those Canadians really know how to brighten up the place.

I am hoping to get back to Montreal this autumn. I miss their croissants and coffee. Nothing here in Providence compares. This reminds me, I should get studying my french. Maybe this time I will be prepared for more than Bonjour.

au revoir!
xo, kim

the river seine

I loved that no matter what our adventures were in Paris I knew we were going to be strolling along the river Seine and over the grand bridges to get to our destination.

It must be the new englander in me that feels best knowing there is water close by. 

But maybe what I loved most were the perfectly spaced trees.

And looking back at photographs I love how everything looks like the perfect oil painting. Paris is like that, so grand you are always pinching yourself to make certain it is all really happening.

happy tuesday! daylight savings time is near.
xo, kim


a few staircases of Montréal

One of the things I love most about Montréal are all of the amazing staircases. 

The twists and turns and lovely iron railings. 

Neighborhoods are full of of amazing staircases leading to brightly painted facades. 

I have just one question, how do these stairs get shoveled?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim


for love of color : Québec City

There was something refreshing about being in Québec City. It wasn't just that we were there on vacation, it was that Québec was full of vibrant color.

These photos were all taken from our first day in Québec City. 

I fell in love with this poster. 

I love the design. A fun mix of circles and swirls.

And a fun contrast of bold colors. I do wish I had a copy to take home with us. Wouldn't it be great hanging on my turquoise wall above my red couch? That's when I get around to painting the walls. Soon enough I hope.

happy travels!
xo, kim


Flowers in London

Sorry I have been absent. I promise that my time has been well spent. Finally, I have been getting around to hemming curtains and hanging them. Our apartment is looking quite lovely and cozier than ever. But I digress, what you are really here for is to see some flowers I captured in London. Nice, bright blooms full of life. A welcome change from all of the snow we have been looking at, isn't it? 

These spider lilies are my absolute favorite. I made a cocktail ring inspired by these unusual lilies in college. Until I came across these in London, I had only seen spider lilies in a book. In my version, the cone in the center is hand-carved glass, the long curled petals are silver as are the stamen. One day I will get around to photographing it for you. Until then, enjoy the real thing.  

Hibiscus was fun to come across. 

It always looks so tropical, seeming so out of place here. 

I just loved this little garden full of wonders. 

Another first was seeing this anemone in the earth. I had only seen it as a cut flower from my days spent working in the florist. 

I love that you can see the little anemone I had photographed earlier peaking through the butterfly bush. It seems so much like an Alice in Wonderland flower as it spies through the leaves of the bush. 

This was the most attractive of the hibiscus. The center looks like Spin Art. I have fond memories of playing with paint as paper whirled around then stopping the paper to see what creation I made. None were this impressive. 

I hope you enjoyed this jaunt through a London garden today. Get your shovels ready, there's more snow before we see these blooms in our neighborhood.
xo, kim

my travels through a lens : Notre Dame de Paris

Maybe you couldn't tell, but I have Paris on the brain. I suppose it is because I have always wanted to see it covered in a thin veil of snow. But, it may just be that I find it to be breathtaking in every way.
I just discovered that Notre Dame de Paris means Our Lady of Paris. It is ironic to me as I had always thought of the structure as having a masculine feel. As I am a terrible keeper of notes and diaries I don't recall much of this adventure. Aside from it being a rainy day all I remember is lighting a candle for each of my grandmothers inside. Those two tough gals were the ones who encouraged me to make and love art. Lighting a candle for them seemed to allow me to take them with me, symbolically, to this city filled with art and beauty. 

happy travels, kim

ps: keep notes and take too many pictures. it's worth it.

for love of window boxes

I have been forcing bulbs in anticipation of a long winter void of flowers. I am hoping to have some daffodils, tulips and amaryllis soon enough. Until then, I will look longingly at photos of Québec. 
I am so impressed with how those further north than I am celebrate the warmth of summer. Really, how they celebrate weather that just isn't freezing. I have lovely memories of eating outdoors under a gas lamp, covered in a blanket. Here in the little state, we would just sit indoors. 

happy tuesday!
enjoy your warm weather memories, kim

my travels through a lens

As we were trying to make our way from the depths of Montréal I spied just one more street I needed to see before we left. It was full of colorful porches and doors. 

I knew I wouldn't be seeing anything like this once we departed. For some reason we don't dress our porches up like this in New England. 

These three decorative supports were my favorite. 

Each being so different in color but each one being so lovely. 

I bet these have a name other than decorative supports, I would love it if you left me a comment telling just what that name is. 

what color would you paint your porch? I am thinking turquoise. 
xo, kim


oh, montmartre, je vous adore tellement

I am quite certain I can say Montmartre is my favorite place on earth. It was the first adventure I took in Paris. My first and best omelette, my first night in my favorite city, oh, and I can't forget, my first taste of pomme frites. 

Here is the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur looking a little ghoulish at night. It is a lovely site to come upon after an elevator ride up the hill. 

I wish I could recall the site of these photos but I just can't. All I do remember is that I fell in love. 

One day, I hope to have a flat in one of these buildings all nestled together. 

I left with some lovely bohemian prints and bought a slew of them for one euro each. They make me smile every day.

Such pretty window boxes. So many restaurants were decorated this way.

And, just maybe my flat will have a little iron railing like those gracing the above windows. 

And of course, the stairs of the Rue Foyatier, cheaper than the elevator. I felt pretty silly to find these after buying an elevator ticket. Silly tourist mistake!

This is certainly my favorite place on earth.
now I'm off to daydream, kim

my travels though a lens : camden markets

My favorite place for shopping during my visit to London was Camden Market. When I first approached this super fun marketplace I was in awe of the stables. The architecture is fascinating, I fell in love with the curves of the building. 
I found so many great treasures here. 

Including some great colorful glass vases {handmade}, a lovely wrap skirt, a fun upcycled handbag {also handmade}, insect key rings and wooden puzzles for my nephews. 

It was certainly a lovely adventure. I do hope to make it back someday. 

I believe it was on this street that I got my first ever fresh squeezed orange juice. This is the day I fell in love with fresh orange juice and never looked back {you see, I really hated orange juice until this point in my life, that's a good 26 years of hating!} By the way, the couple in the photo above have legos in their hair.  I followed them to snap a picture. A sweet end to a perfect adventure in London's alternative shopping district. 

my travels through a lens...

Once again my pictures take us back to Québec. Why this photo?
If it has to snow, I want to see it from here while I drink a mocaccino. And I could try and catch snowflakes on my tongue. 

that's why...

my travels though a lens

Here are some things that I miss about Québec:
cobblestone streets
hanging baskets of lovely flowers
windows, window boxes and shutters
brightly painted façades
fresh fraise
le marché
and more fresh fraise!

and turning a corner to find yet another street just like this.

xo, kim

Travel Tuesdays: The British Museum

I missed so much on my travels to Europe. Jet lag mixed with a no show tour guide made for a poor showing of London. We made it to The British Museum and literally sprinted through before they closed. 

Having a new camera we weren't familiar with didn't help with all of the rushing. Most of the pictures we took actually look like we are running past the art, not stopping to focus.

I love the detail of these two carvings. I am always amazed with the accuracy of chiseled designs. 

happy travels, kim

Montréal loves me!

I am not sure how I forgot to tell this story, but now is better than never. After Picnic Portland, I decided to extend our road trip and we continued on to Canada. The car was still loaded with all of my jewels and tent setup which I thought would just be extraneous stuff. 
While navigating Mile End I spied a fantastic boutique and fell in love. After trying on a handmade skirt by nude I found my way to the register. Once I was there I summoned the courage to inquire about consignment. Just as I asked the owner came into the store and agreed to meet with me the next day. They were all so nice and my hopes were up high as they were so excited at the prospect of having a new jewelry artist in the shop. 

I arrived at General 54 early the next day with all of my loot. After eating a bagel from St Viateur I fidgeted a bit and waited for the store to open. Once a few customers trickled in I followed with a box of my jewels in tow. While I waited for the owner I did more browsing. This time getting handmade panties and a headband with the cutest flower.

Meeting time finally came. It was an amazing adventure with all of the shop ladies having wide dazzling eyes as they pawed over my work. In the end, we decided on a wholesale order. They bought a whole lot of earrings. Tons and tons of earrings. I have never felt so good about my work before. Mixing business with pleasure was pure perfection. 

Here I am posing in front of General 54 before I left my beloved Montréal.

Montréal really does love me and I love Montréal. 

{ps: the shirt I am wearing is handmade, I bought it last year while visiting Québec.}

Paris je t'aime

It seems I have become an official Rhode Islander, I can't stand my once a week commute out of the state into the neighboring Massachusetts. A half hour seems so far these days when my studio is a bike ride from home. Don't be fooled, I don't ride my bike there often as my furry sidekick can't accompany me this way. But I do wish we would start to learn a thing or two from my beloved Paris. They make riding the Metro so grand. The entrances are so inviting with their art nouveau adornments. I do wish I had some photos of the inside as they are quite works of art. 

 This was the lovely Metro route we passed while coming and going from our hotel. We tried to take in as much of the city as we could on foot so we passed this more often than we rode on it. I did love to hear the train whishing past us as we set out on our adventures in a new city. Paris is still my favorite and I just can't wait to get back there. 
Everything is so intricate, perfectly detailed and always well adorned. I miss all of the beauty. 

get on your bike and enjoy autumn. take in the beauty where you live. 
xo, Kim

ps: please forgive me for missing a few posts. I was preparing for some events, life is oh so busy.


details of Montréal on travel tuesdays

No matter where I am, home or abroad, I always stop to admire the details. Sometimes it is a carving in stone, other times iron work but mostly I admire flowers. Here are some details from Montréal...

Ironwork always translates into jewelry in my mind. Sometimes I see the pattern coming together as a piercing out of a sheet of silver. This time I see a structure made from silver wire. The leaves are so elegant, someday this set of forms and lines may find it's way into an earring design but hopefully a bracelet and ring to compliment them.

This piece of metalwork will just be a fond memory to me. It is the above the door to a restaurant, home to the best meal we ate in Montréal. On our last day we ventured out to what I call the antiques district. After hours of scouring and making friends with a man who repairs chandeliers {yes, I came home with a bountiful bag of crystals!} we decided to find a place to eat. I had yet to try crêpes on our trip and went with the first place with them on the menu. La Gargote des Antiquaires had a beautiful courtyard covered with bright awnings. After lots of pointing, smiling and nodding we ordered our best meal. It seemed all the more charming that the menu was in French and that is all the owners spoke. My crêpes were delightful covered in strawberry jam. It was the perfect end to our trip. 

I never quite know how stone carvings will find their way into my jewelry. Maybe the form and shape will just appear as a gesture in an abstract form. It is less obvious being in a completely different material but I admire it just the same.

After seeing all of this ironwork, I always vow to get on with some forging projects. It never quite happens as I plan though. 

This lady reminds me of Mucha's ladies. The ones with poppies in their hair. I discovered her while we were searching Mile End for coffee. 

I am always amazed with passion flowers. They are so complex. I can hardly believe that there are so many of these lovely flowers on one vine. I came across this plant in Mile End too. There were some great stores with fresh produce and plants scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

I am still missing Montréal. I mostly miss the scrumptious mocaccinos from Club Social. 
xo, kim