autumn flash sale: updated!

I have been making lists, so many lists! Inventory lists, lists of what I need to make, lists of what I hope make, lists of what I hope to sell, lists of materials to purchase. There are a few items I have collected quite a bit of and would love to sell them off to make room for new designs. Since materials cost money, it is time to raise some! Let's celebrate autumn with a flash sale!

So, if you are on Instagram you can keep an eye out for pictures I post there. If you are on Facebook, why not like my page and follow my flash sales there? Or you can look out for my tweets with links to the sale item of the day. I am only offering these sales at so be sure to shop there. 

Here is a little sample. These earrings retail at $24 and being offered for $20 until the 17th of November at midnight EST. Including free US shipping you save $12.55. Heck yeah, right?

And these plum dot earrings are usually $44, so you save $14.55. Hooray! Now get shopping because the flash sale for these ends on the 17th at midnight. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim


spring whites

Even white blooms are bursting with color! 

Spring is my favorite season. So much so, I brought a little bit of spring inside so I could smell lilacs as I fell asleep and right when I woke up.

happy spring!
xo, kim

thriftin' in New Bedford

I spent a year living in New Bedford when I was an undergrad. The city had just started to come to life with boutiques and restaurants popping up here and there. Aside from the burritos at No Problemo my other favorite part of living in New Bedford was being so close to four huge antique shops. 

This time I was on the hunt for displays. One of my major display pieces was broken at my last fair.
[big sad face here. it had a cover and was well, perfect.] And I was pretty good leaving with a few displays and one dinged up hammer. For once I was all business, except for all of the picture taking that happened.

I have a hard time keeping to my task when I shop at antique stores.

There are too many bright, shiny objects that catch my eye.

It is probably a good thing that I drive a VW Golf and can't get home with tons of large pieces. 

Everything is so enticing. The furniture is fun and just asking to be refinished. 
And who doesn't need an old dress form just for decoration?

There are four different major antique shops in New Bedford [some listed here] and they are all unique, amazing and overwhelming with treasures to be found.

They manage to all have very different collections than the next one.

Making the adventure even more fun when you are hitting up all four at once.

I so wish this machine were $2. Because, you know, I really need an old register.

I think my favorite part of taking pictures at the Cove was trying to capture the collections people have acquired over time. I am fascinated with the objects one decides to collect.

Do you remember milk delivery? I do. There were many days of carrying glass bottles to our third floor apartment. Was I ever petrified I would drop a quart of milk.

I found the Cove to be a haven of sorts for anyone interested in textile arts or old product design. 

Another odd collection, but this one is my favorite. Color, rust and metal get me every time.

Would any place other than New Bedford have this type of bling in a vintage jewelry display case?

Another great example as to why it is a very, very good thing I drive a Golf.

Same here. How cool is this??????


Crystal haze.

Singa, the way a true New Bedford resident would say "Singer".
[I can crack this joke as a girl born in Fall River, aka Fahl Riva.]

More rust but this time with moss!

How I wish I had more than a fire escape garden. I'd love to mount these on the side of a garage and plant ivy or clematis to wind around the perfectly weathered iron work.

Let's grind.

These boxes completely fascinate me. 

The colors and type are attractive. I keep trying to think of just the right project for these.

Turn me on I'm a radio!

Washboard abs.

I hope you enjoyed my thrifting adventure. 
happy tuesday!
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Summer is blooming indoors, on the fire escape and on the side of the road. 
It's gorgeous all around.

tomato plant + oxalis
tomato plant + oxalis behind a curtain

my first morning glory!

gerbera daisies from my step-sister. they are loving the fire escape.

lilies! the true sign of July!

queen anne's lace on the side of the road.

i had a little fun switching back to my beloved shake it photo. what a fun app!

happy wednesday! 
xo, kim

thrifted: Jackie Kennedy style

I needed a little retail therapy the other day and Savers is always just the right place. You have no expectations when you walk in but you always leave with something [or many things] great.

About thirty seconds in the door I spotted two scarves and fell head over heels in love. When I got them home and tried different ways to wear them I realized wearing them in the style of Jackie Kennedy was the way to go.

I can't believe the beauty of this scarf. In each corner there is a different butterfly. Same color palette but with different markings. The colors are so feminine and cheery. I wish you could see more of these details when the scarf is being worn. I am thinking it could also make a nice shawl on a cool summer night.

I love how this scarf compliments my curls. And it will serve to protect them. I do love my sunroof open on nice summer days. Normally I hate eating my hair with all of the wind. But this, this will be a fine resolution.

As an online friend said, it was like Savers knew I was coming. This scarf is meant for me. Flowers and bright colors and the flowers named in this lovely cursive. 

Savers always seems to make my day brighter.
xo, kim

random studio shots

It's been a while since I've posted some behind the scenes studio shots. So, here we go...

clasps all set up and ready to solder

soldering ear wires to make aster dangles 

new necklace in the works!

how i love these wire cutters

more clasps being soldered. this time for my forget-me-not necklaces.

a sketch i made while in school. it was for a thimble weed hairpin I later fabricated in silver. 

chuck taylors hard at work cleaning soldered clasps to a shine.
I plan on starting up my studio sundays posts again. Hopefully, I will remember to keep taking pictures on the days I am hard at work.

happy sunday! kim

perfectly abstract

I've been participating in the april opposites challenge set up by instafame. And do I ever love this challenge! Here are my two favorites that are perfectly abstract and I think capture the theme well.
day 5 : looking up {view of the chandelier from my bed}

day 7 : near {a door knob}
I'll be sure to post some of my other photos from the challenge. I just couldn't wait to share these first.
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and happy friday the 13th.
xo, kim

five things about me

I was given the challenge to come up with five things about me by Linda of à la mode stuff
So, here you are...

This is a challenge going on over on Intagram. Search the hashtag #fivethingsaboutme to see how others approached the task. 

Maybe you will share a list of your own. I'd love for you to post links for me to see.
xo, kim


random providence signs...

...and stickers.

I love how stickered my city is. 
{By the way, there isn't a phone here. I was so hoping to find a pay phone.} 

I think I may put in more of an effort to take photos of stickered signs. Providence is rich in stickers, especially obey the giant stickers by Shepard Fairey, which makes me love this city more and more.

xo, kim

indoor flowers

From the 'just because' sunflowers to my orchid I've been hoping to see bloom for over a year...

all the way to the short lived bloom on my strawberry plant, it looks like spring has sprung indoors. 

I also started a bunch of seeds which have begun to sprout. Expect some fantastic fire escape garden photos when summer comes. 
xo, kim

a touch of green

I was looking at some old photos and noticed they all had the color green in common. This made me realize that this Irish lass never wished you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope you raised many good pints of Guinness in celebration and filled your bellies with Irish Soda Bread. 

radish art on a green trash can

fun shadows on my coffee table

my water glass full of sparkles
May the wind be always at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face.
xo, kim


love of flowers

just a few iphone flower photographs. some blooms just in time for the snow.
ranunculus via hipstamatic

jasmine via instagram + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic

tulips via shake it photo + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic. 

daffodils + yoko ono poms at Olga's via instagram
I'm sort of addicted to flowers. I love having tulips in my home at all times. The white ranunculus were a sort of test to see if I could love flowers void of vibrant colors {they passed}. The jasmine was the perfect find at Trader Joes and man does my bathroom ever smell sweet. And those daffodils mixed with green poms are a match made in heaven. Just as the coffee and bagel brunch was. Thank you, Olga's!

and happy leap year! any plans for your extra day?
xo, kim

photo a day challenge : days 18-25

Here are my photo a day challenge photographs. 
day 18 : drink
{my newest addiction, ginger teas}

day 19 : something I hate to do
{work in the cold, cold studio}

day 20 : handwriting
{a possible tattoo inspired from Banksy's graffiti}
day 21 : a fave photo of me part 1
{me + callie}

day 21 : a fave photo of me part 2
{me + phil}

day 22 : where I work part 1

day 22 : where I work part 2

day 23 : my shoes
{newest addiction, chuck taylors}

day 24 : inside my bathroom cabinet
{a broken lock}

day 25 : green
I told you there would be better montages here. This time around I enjoyed this challenge far more, I feel the results are better.
xo, kim

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photo skill a day : days 18-25

Here's another weeks worth of my february photo skill photographs. Enjoy!
day 18 : documentary #2
{afternoon view}

day 19 : freeze motion
{stopped in my tracks}

day 20 : black on black
{my dinner plates}

day 21 : white on white
{my grandmother's doily on the radiator cover}

day 22 : abstract
{abstract flower graffiti}

day 23 : found face
{woman putting on eye liner found on a staircase}

day 24 : framing
{New York City papercut captured in its own frame}

day 25 : documentary #3
{morning view}

documentary 1, 2 + 3
{night, afternoon + morning : my views}
I've been having some fun with diptic lately. I'll admit, this montage above isn't my best. There's more to come. Follow my Instagram photos on Webstagram.

happy monday!
xo, kim

pretty sky, stuck in traffic

Places I can be stuck in traffic: New York City {especially Times Square}, on my way to a fun adventure that I can be late for, Boston {in the city not highway}, leaving a concert or a Celtics game...
Places it drives me mad to be stuck in traffic: malls and specifically Wrentham Outlets.

I was grateful for such a dramatic sky and lots of naked trees to add some dark lines to the lovely blues...

...and rows of power lines to break up the landscape. 

Another thing I despise about being stuck in traffic is having your gas tank continually beeping because it is low and you are really just 73 seconds from a gas station but there are 92 cars in front of you. This is why I try to shop local and handmade. 

rant over.
back to the love.
happy thursday!
xo, kim
with extra hugs!

ps: I took these while hanging out of the sunroof of my beloved VW.



One of my photo a day challenges gave texture as a theme. Once I submitted my photo for the day I realized my fascination with texture on telephone poles wasn't quite over.
In college hill they are mainly community boards. 

Remnants of nails, staples and posters are left behind, adding character to the wood.

In my Pawtucket studio grounds they are just weathered by the elements and painted.

Or on the east side, they get tagged, a rarity in these parts.

I can't be sure if it is the mix of materials, the earn to feel the texture knowing a splinter awaits, or just letting your imagination run wild wondering what had a home there. A sign for a beloved lost pet, an ad, a call for artists, artwork, a concert poster... What ever it was, it left it's mark.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


more toil and trouble to keep me warm

Back in January I gushed over some mitts made by Ana of Toil and Trouble. I've since gotten another piece from her that I barely take off. This lovely grey vegan cowl.
It was love at first sight. Our apartment was nice and cozy {even tank top warm} but I was hooked on this new cowl so I wore it about.

Another day I paired it with my favorite mustard colored cardigan and this sweet little barrette by Alison of Sew Mary Ann. Come to think of it, this is a uniform for me. I'm not sure when I am not wearing this.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

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photo skill a day : days 11-17

Here are my photo skill a day shots. I find the photo skills to be far more of a challenge. Some days I know the subject I want to capture immediately, then other days I fumble around with different ideas until I find the right subject matter. But it always gets me to open my eyes.
day 11 : documentary #1 {night}
I plan on documenting parts of my day that are always the same.

day 12 : silhouette 

day 13 : texture

day 14 : typography

day 15 : negative space

day 16 : positive space
clock by Chris Vicini + Charlotta Klingström

day 17 : high contrast {part 1}
black + white

day 17 : high contrast {part 2}
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photo a day challenge : days 11-17

Here are my photos from fat mum slim's photo a day challenge. Enjoy!
day 11 : what makes me happy

day 12 : inside my closet {slitter belts, I don't leave home without one!}

day 13 : blue

day 14 : heart

day 15 : phone

day 16 {part 1} : something new {boots!}

day 16 {part 2} : something new {sunglasses!}

day 17 : time {5.august.2005 | time flies}
xo, kim
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bus tunnel

One of my favorite views from Thayer Street is this alluring tunnel. 
bus tunnel | thayer street | providence, ri
as Nice Slice says: "it makes Thayer Street less lame".

xo, kim