city sights

Here are a few photos of my city. 
Yeah, I'm still head over heals in love.

This may be my favorite building in Pawtucket. It could have something to do with the name of a metal being posted at least twice on it. Ahhhhh, metal. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

560 mineral spring avenue

For the first time in a long time I took a stroll around the old Lorraine Mills. 
We have our mailbox back so there is a reason to go outside. 

I'm not sure why I don't allow myself some time outside more often. 

The fresh air is so welcoming. 

The scenery doesn't change much but it still fascinates me. 

That's us, in the boiler room.

I've been seeing lots of upcycled pallet pieces on blogs lately. 

These stacks have inspired me to look for a project so I have a reason to sneak some home. 

The weeds are always inspiring. I know, I am strange.

I just discovered this little sign hidden in this pipe. I have no idea what's all about, do you?

More pallets for the taking??

And another lonely weed. 

I love being surrounded by brick and stars. It's just wonderful. Now to get a handle on climate control...

happy almost friday!
xo, kim

electric blue

Here are some electric blue finds from good old Pawtucket.

There are always some pretty neat bikes to discover in the basement. It is a great shade of blue and looks perfect against the stone wall. 

happy labor day!
xo, Kim


old pawtucket mill part three

Here is my last series of point and shoot photos. I really hope to get some more exploring done here. 

Of course the rusted metal structures are my favorite part. I also may have left with a brick.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


old pawtucket mill part two

I did some wandering inside the mill. My favorite part was how the light filtered through the holes in the wall. My second favorite part is seeing it being refinished, the new paths being made and new windows. I want to return to explore the inside more. 

My favorite photos have the three empty windows with the sky shining through. But I think those came out better on my hipstamatic. A few more regular old point and shoots to come, then we will get to some iphonography.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim


old pawtucket mill part one

I came across this old mill while I was out and about in Pawtucket. Part of it seems to be refinished while the other part seems to be heavy into construction. This set of photos is taken with my digital camera. I have many more photos in digital and hipstamatic. We can decide which we prefer in the end.

I really want to get back here to take some more inside shots too. 

happy monday, 
xo, kim


welcome summer!

A few afternoons ago we set out for a stroll in the Riverside Cemetery. 
 It is the perfect hot summer spot as there is plenty of shade.

I came across this headstone once again.

This time it's a whole new season.

I may be a hardcore Rhode Island fan but I'm not a huge anchor fan. This one is an exception. 

I admire the skill of a carver. You can't ever put back what you take away. 

I love this fuzzy daisy-like flower. There is a house right near the cemetery with a greenhouse attached. I always want to sneak in. Luckily they plant some pretty blooms outside for me to appreciate.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

lovely and local : rag & bone bindery

This week when I say local, I mean right around the block local. Rag & Bone makes exceptional handmade books right in Pawtucket. 

 I love the fabrics they choose to cover their books. Bright patterns and bold colors on classic book structures go so well together.

It is the perfect formula for capturing a special time in your life. 

Photos, reminders, well wishes, sketches & baby's firsts are amongst some of the memories to be placed on Rag & Bone's pages. 

 Can you imagine years of your life recorded in these books? I can. Binding after colorful binding will be lined up on your bookshelves representing different times and places, all lovely and important. 

Don't you have some valentine's shopping to do? Perhaps a handbound book to buy for someone you share your life's stories with. These are just perfect. I promise.

happy thursday!

ps: Make certain you buy handmade and local for your lover.

I fell in love with retail and studio space

Not only am I a year older, this year I needed to get my license renewed. I decided to make getting to the registry a fun adventure and set off on my bike. I knew there would be nice stops on the way as I had discovered Kafe Lila on the internet a few days before. Now I can't recall how this discovery took place, nonetheless, it happened and upon finding Kafe Lila I laid eyes upon the Grant

Isn't she purdy? I love old buildings and Pawtucket is filled with them. 

As I sat in the cafe drinking an Iced Latte with soy I decided to take a look at the building's website. That is when I fell in love. I discovered this space is for rent. 
Well, not all of this space. The 750 square feet behind the red doors are for rent. I think this would make for some great studio/retail space. I would have some room to teach jewelry classes. I am thinking enameling, tool making and a few classes on texture. But I dream. It isn't feasible for one person to do. Well, not this one person. 

I need to know that one day, in the not too far future, I will have a space to call my own {oh, and to share with other lovely artisans} where I can walk by a pretty cafe and wave hello to fellow tenants. I would smile knowing that I have accomplished something for myself, the art which I love deeply and don't know how to live without. I would also smile knowing that I was able to provide a place for other artisans to display and sell their work or to come and share new ideas and techniques. It doesn't all seem like too much, does it? 

For now, this will remain a fountain, inside a building I get to visit on my bike riding days. 
But, just for now, not always.