brick, metal + weeds

Here are a few shots I took while walking the studio grounds to get the mail. 

 These photos prove beauty can be found anywhere. 

 If you keep your eyes open allowing beauty to be seen. 

 Green leaves and tall grass certainly brighten up our brick jungle.

 It almost makes you forget the huge potholes you may fall in on this mail getting adventure. 

happy monday! 
may you find beauty in the oddest of places. 
xo, kim

college hill yellow + black

Forsythia has bloomed on college hill. 
It is the perfect accent to black iron fences.

These swirls look lonely without the lovely yellow accents.

It is also lovely against the aged brick. Aged brick and black fences are a staple in college hill and the forsythia is a great way to brighten up the neighborhood for spring.

xo, kim


I am attracted to texture. It instantly gets my mind thinking of how to create it in metal.
This photo of paint peeling makes me wonder if I could create this with enamel. The challenge would be to make a sound structure that appeared fragile so one could still wear it. Or is this best as a wall piece to be admired but not touched? Or maybe the erosion of such a piece would be more interesting than a sounds piece where the wearer plays the role of the elements?

I love the subtle shade of gold over the "patinated" brick. This could be easily created with reticulation but I think playing with hammers would be more fun and fulfilling. 

Somehow this peeling paint is completely different than the first photo. I like the way the first color is intact and revealed trough the crevices of the new coat. Maybe a form of champlevé could achieve this? Or adding a few layers of color, one atop the other and filing bits of the top coat away? I'd like to experiment.

Layering of metal in different shapes may make for a lovely basse-taille. I love playing with transparent enamels. I need to get back to my roots and fiddle with these techniques.

Brick holds a subtle texture but its layers and grout make is more interesting. Maybe I need to take a sheet of metal and hammer it over some brick. What do you think the results would be? Subtly beautiful and well captured under transparent enamels is how I see this working out.

happy making! 
if you try any of these out please share them here on my facebook page. I'd love to see your experiments in metal and color.

xo, kim

narragansett electric part two : interior {via point and shoot}

I love the bones of Narragansett Electric much more than I like the exterior. I was hoping to get in to take some close ups and do some more intimate exploring, instead these pictures were taken through a chain link fence. 
The interior was much more rustic and weathered which made me love it even more.

And the sunlight casting shadows and creating forms made the views all the more amazing.

As with the exterior the steel structures mimic the shape of the arches and rectangular windows.

I spy rust and rivets. It's just dreamy to someone who loves working with metal.

Yes, this cog came home with me. Little hands fit through fences..

I'm sort of in love with all of the X's in these last few shots.

And what are these circles all about? So weird to find them in the land of angles and arches.

In this last photograph I love the bursts of light coming from windows unseen.

What is so fascinating about weathered and worn structures? I can't get enough of them.

happy friday!
xo, kim

studio brick

Yet again I've realized that the path I take to my studio mailbox looks different to me every time.
I notice a shadow instead of the railing.

The repetition of color..

..and shapes.

I had long thought I came to the conclusion that I love our green doors against the rust colored brick..

..then I found this red door and can't decide which I love best.

I discovered this in a never before explored alley. I love the turquoise and pea green together. Also the contrast of how two very different materials age. Metal is overcome with moss while the wood gets weathered away.

I will never grow old of these stars. 

All of the snow last year caused these new white marks and patterns on the exterior of the buildings. It makes me miss snow this year, but the patterns are quite pretty.

I will always find the silhouettes cast by the towers to be just dreamy. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

winter weeds + brick

Here are some lovely winter weeds, some from Wayland Square and others from my studio grounds.

And I threw in some brick pictures for good measure.

happy wednesday.
I'm really hoping we get snow this weekend. 

xo, kim


brick red + lichen green

I rarely look up from my work bench at the studio. Once I get into a groove, I don't stop. One of the few things I try and do is get out to check the mail, allowing myself some fresh air. Somehow that short walk along the same path always provides me with something new to look at. 

I notice something new every time. This last stroll and new roll of "film" made me see the contrast of the lichen green against the brick red. Sometimes the green is vibrant, nearing emerald and other times it has faded to lichen. I prefer the softer hue. {And I love the focused centers blurring to the edges of the photograph. This is my new favorite film even if it's meant for foodies and I photograph brick.}

happy sunday!
xo, kim

war of the roses

Autumn may have arrived with snow in the forecast, but these roses are winning the war.
They are still soaking up the little sun they can and dancing in the autumn breeze...

..enjoying one last party before they rest during the frosty winter. 

happy, happy friday!
xo, kim

cement + weeds + brick

Callie and I took a short trip to Wayland Square to get some illy coffee. While we were there I noticed a pattern. There were weeds growing from cement cracks. 

The blue brick building and the sign above were a nice addition to the theme. Wayland Square is such a quaint place to be. Especially with good coffee and a cute pup.

happy weekend!
xo, Kim

ps: stay safe east coast.

studio shots

There is so much about my studio that amazes me. I wonder about how it functioned before it was repurposed as artist spaces. The saw tooth roof I can see from my space had an obvious purpose, the roof was constructed to let natural light in for the workers to inspect fabric. But my boiler room building space is still a mystery to me. Offices, manufacturing space, storage....I can't be certain.

My favorite part may be this scale that I still have yet to figure out. I wish it were in my space instead of the hallway so I could spend more time playing around with it. I love the photo of someone's math above this last picture. What are they calculating? Maybe it has to do with yardage to make or chemicals for dying fabric.

happy sunday! 
xo, kim

studio weeds

Part of what I love about these studio weeds is having that lovely red brick in the background of my photos. I've been missing my studio while I am home resting and hoping to get better. 

I've missed saying hello to my neighbors as I start my workday. I've missed using tools and playing with metal. But I've also missed being surrounded by all that brick. I don't know what it is, I just love it there. 

happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: I've been playing with a new app called diptic. i think i like it.

my little state

Here are another set of photos taken from the Before Craft era of my life. 
This is the courtyard at the Cav from august 2008.

I enjoyed a lovely brunch in the city. 

Callie could come too since there is seating in the courtyard!

After eating I wandered about with the little lady.

I took photos of random color on brick
ivy growing from the cement

iron fences

old mill building windows

leafy vines


and fire escapes. 

While I was taking these photos I knew I would one day live or work in an old brick building and live closer to the city. Little did I know it would be as good as I dreamed it to be.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

ps: thanks for reading and taking part in my life During Craft.

welcome autumn!

I have no choice but to give in this week, it is officially autumn. The daylight is shrinking away, the nights and mornings are getting crisp, there is no more denying it. Tuesday morning on a stroll I wore a corduroy jacket and scarf which seems like bundling up after the long, hot summer.

This group of iPhone photographs were taken on the grounds of my new studio. Callie and I went for a jaunt to the mailbox and had some fun discovering our new environment. On one of the loading docks in our complex there are some shoes set into the cement. I forgot to look and see what size they are.

Cross Process

This is the front building of our grand new space. I do love old mills, especially those covered in ivy.

Cross Process

We have this great saw-toothed roof building in our lot. This is the other side of the view from our space. It makes a great pattern. It faces the north, allowing in sunlight to inspect fabric for flaws.

Cross Process

The area is covered with some great, tall marsh grass, adding lots of greenery.


The grass stands contrasts the red brick and matches the windows and doors. 

Cross Process

The stars on our building are green {some of the other buildings have yellow stars}. I think this should become the boiler girls' symbol. {Oh, we are the boiler girls because we are in the steamy boiler room building. It promises to keep us toasty in the winter.}

enjoy autumn, it comes around tonight at 11pm. maybe it can stay around a little longer than summer did, i have no idea where the season went this year.
xo, Kim