so this is christmas...

...and did we have fun. I spent it with the near and the dear ones. Watching my five nephews and one niece open their presents is always the highlight of my holiday.
This year opening my present was quite fun too. These two owls were made with love by my nephew Patrick and they go down as my favorite present this year. 

happy holidays, there are still celebrations to be had. 
xo, kim


makin' whoopie on Halloween eve

Another Saturday brought another late night baking. I am going to see my niece and nephews tomorrow and I didn't want to go empty handed so I scrolled through some Martha Stewart recipes and decided on whoopie pies. Really, bringing a baked good was just an excuse for me to have a bowl to lick.

Why whoopie pies? Because they seemed to require the least amount of artistic baking. 
{This coming from an artist.}

Colored sugar made them festive enough for me. 

I think the little monsters will be surprised, all six of them! And my father will be happy with the results, we share the same sweet tooth.

Of course, Callie girl helped. She loved the frosting!

happy halloween!
be spooked, kim

studio party success!

We celebrated the opening of our studio last night. It is one of my favorite parties thus far. I had a great time and can't believe all of the friends and family members who came out to see us. 

It was a busy and festive night. I am not sure that I stopped smiling.

 I think it was the glögg that made our party a success. {There were only cloves and cinnamon sticks left.}

 Or that we knew you would need a place for your olive pits.

It is fun to have people come into your space who only see your end product. They play with tools and ask questions. I think we will need to start giving some demos soon.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support the boiler girls. We had a great time and hope you did too. 



I have been on hiatus lately and it has been wonderful. We have family visiting from Sweden. This means that I have had two weeks of fun and laughter with my sister-in-law and niece. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have gone to New York City (I am a bit jealous) and have entrusted me with the care of their curly haired, blue eyed beauty. Considering the language barrier we are getting along quite well. Even Callie has taken to her!

Day one, a large hug!!

Day two, one beauty studying another.

There are so many more photos still on my camera. We have been to the aquarium, science museum, a park, walks, a dairy farm, children's museum and had a huge bake off with gingerbread cookies! 

It was all so much fun and I am loathing Friday, that is the day we travel to the airport and the Swedes return to Sweden. Until then, we pack in all of the fun we can. 

Breakfast in Bristol, RI

I happily woke up to some sun this past Saturday so Callie and I set out for breakfast in Bristol. 

After breakfast we walked through a smidgen of town to get to the bike path. And I had to capture some inspirational iron work.

On the sunny path the views were beautiful, even the birds thought so.

On the way back from the path I found more inspiration in color, composition and lovely iron work.

After being in the foreign sun for so long I plopped in the shade on a lovely park bench. From there I looked through my camera lens and took in nature while I snuggled with Callie took a much deserved rest and drank lots of water.
After this Saturday, I can't wait to see more sunshine so I can go outdoors and enjoy it with my girl.