photo skill a day : days 18-25

Here's another weeks worth of my february photo skill photographs. Enjoy!
day 18 : documentary #2
{afternoon view}

day 19 : freeze motion
{stopped in my tracks}

day 20 : black on black
{my dinner plates}

day 21 : white on white
{my grandmother's doily on the radiator cover}

day 22 : abstract
{abstract flower graffiti}

day 23 : found face
{woman putting on eye liner found on a staircase}

day 24 : framing
{New York City papercut captured in its own frame}

day 25 : documentary #3
{morning view}

documentary 1, 2 + 3
{night, afternoon + morning : my views}
I've been having some fun with diptic lately. I'll admit, this montage above isn't my best. There's more to come. Follow my Instagram photos on Webstagram.

happy monday!
xo, kim

photo skill a day : days 11-17

Here are my photo skill a day shots. I find the photo skills to be far more of a challenge. Some days I know the subject I want to capture immediately, then other days I fumble around with different ideas until I find the right subject matter. But it always gets me to open my eyes.
day 11 : documentary #1 {night}
I plan on documenting parts of my day that are always the same.

day 12 : silhouette 

day 13 : texture

day 14 : typography

day 15 : negative space

day 16 : positive space
clock by Chris Vicini + Charlotta Klingström

day 17 : high contrast {part 1}
black + white

day 17 : high contrast {part 2}
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photo skill a day : days 2-10

I came across another photo a day challenge by called photography skills. I really dig this project, it makes you look at every little thing you see in a different way, or every little thing I see through my instagram lens. 
day 2 : shadow
shadow of a railing on the studio grounds

day 3 : portrait
me, part one

day 3 : portrait
me, part two

day 4 : pattern
radiator cover

day 5 : landscape
run down city scape in Providence

day 6 : motion
l'artisan cafe ceiling

day 7 : shape
triangle + circle 

day 8 : still life
objects collected from neighborhood strolls

day 9 : S-Curve
railing in the city

day 10 : ordinary object
coffee measuring spoon by extraordinary makers, Beehive Kitchenware
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