early autumn east side stroll

Just like everything else, autumn blew by without me getting to appreciate it. Outside is suddenly cold and darker and less vibrant in color. From what I did get to take in, autumn was amazing this year. Let's hope it leads way to a snow dappled winter. I wish for a few scattered days with inches of snow so we haven't a reason to bustle through life. We can take it slow, snuggle with our furry ones and warm up the house by baking some cookies. To me, that is like a vacation. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

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For love of iron work

For years I have been meaning to take some time to photograph these doors and the iron work gracing it. Now that I have finally captured this amazing entrance I plan on incorporating it into my designs in the new year. I can't wait to see what sketches emerge from this little photo shoot. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

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city stroll : wickenden street

 One rainy day last week I took a stroll on Wickenden Street. Well, it was actually two rainy days. One day for father's day shopping and the other for a haircut and a lesson in curling my hair. 
[by the way, do we like the new profile picture?]

 This is one of the first neighborhoods that made me fall in love with Providence. 

 There's Felini's Pizzeria, the coffee exchange, utrecht, brick on wick and quaint little shops like the curatorium.

 The telephone poles and tree trunks are full of lovely textures. 

 And lights!

 The bases of trees are neatly fenced in and the ground around them covered in gorgeous blooms. 

 These yellow and orange flowers were my favorites. They remind me of my current enamel palette.

 And of course there are stickers to brighten up those ugly electrical boxes.

 This may be an urban street but it is oh so pretty.

 The perfect mix of nature, urban culture, brick, brightly painted homes and businesses.

 Can you spy the obey sticker in this picture? 

 While the yellow and orange flowers above were my favorite on the ground level, this lily was my favorite at facade level. Perfectly bright color contrast for this rainy day walk.

 This might just be my favorite screen door. Doesn't the pattern speak to my iron work series? I need to plan a new addition to the collection especially for valentine's day. 

 See why I am smitten, graffiti and brick. It doesn't get much better than that.

The epitome of city living. Chain link fence, overgrown weeds and a teeny alley way. 

 And one more great thing about Wickenden Street...

...the window boxes!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

city views + inspiration

A little stroll through downtown gave me some fire escape envy.
The design is simple yet more intricate than my fire escape. In fact, these shapes will soon be sketched out for my brooch series I plan on making one of these days. Although, this form may just find its way into my iron work series as well. It will be fun to use the same forms in different projects.

Seeing the 7 and the 2 askew remind me to always be on my toes with composition. This has a fun, playful quality. My first love (before discovering metals classes) was drawing. I take what I learned in hours of critiques and utilize it in my metalwork.

To add to my envy, this fire escape has stairs. We have a ladder. It's the little things.
It looks like there is enough room to have a little bench here so I could sit and read while enjoying my fire escape garden. A girl can dream.

There was also this really sweet gate in the neighborhood. I would love to have an iron gate to close me in at night, just so I can appreciate its beauty every day.

happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: tomorrow i will be at Providence Art Festival. stop by and visit me under my tent.

iron work + greenery

Here's one little photo I tool while leaving my beloved Olga's. 

The perfect combination of my two favorite loves, iron work and nature.  

I think this one goes to the printer.
xo, kim

providence birthday adventures {part two}

And here is part two. Taken with my camera and not my phone. I love being able to zoom in and have better control over getting the exact details you want. But sometimes, I miss the color distortion which I can't control. The unpredictable results are fascinating to me. 

I was able to get this tiny star instead of the whole grey facade. 

And the detail of the fire escape. I know, I love fire escapes. I suppose I dream of sitting on one on a warm summer night. 

But here the sky is dull without using my hipstamatic.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city.

And one of my new favorite doors.

On this building each floor had a different flower above the windows. This one being my favorite.

I do like these two flowers in the corners too.

If it weren't for the brick these wouldn't look like windows from the same building.


And finally some sun. It looked like rain for a while. 

This hardly looks like Providence. The painted brick and arched doorway looks so European to me.

Of course, iron work.

 And the pretty irises behind the iron fence.

A sweet message. 

Roger Williams getting funky.

 Another shot that looks more like it was taken from the River Seine than in Providence.

Drippy walls add some nice color.

It was the perfect picnic spot.

 With the perfect view.

My adorable pup had a great day too.

And I fell in love with this little flower.

That's right, more iron work.

I took this from a path between two houses. Can you believe the view they have?

Another new favorite door. This may be the only orange door I've seen.

And I can't decide which view of the mailboxes I prefer. 

I love the old numbers and stickers. 

Love this angle.

And ferns before they are fully open.


 And just a few more iron railings to go. 

This part of the hood is full of them.

And I like it that way. I can't wait to get back to our new breakfast nook this weekend. 

happy almost hump day!
xo, kim 

ps: I was interviewed by the baltimore etsy street team. give it a read won't you..

providence birthday adventures {part one}

Here are some of my hipstamatics from my big birthday weekend. In case you don't recall callie and I strolled all over our city to explore every last inch of it. 
This was our breakfast nook in the park. 

I'm quite certain I ate a few maple pods with my bagel.

Callie was covered in them but she likes to help pollinate. 

Of course I had to get some iron work shots in.

These are the cutest, greenest dogwood I've ever seen. 

They just started to bloom.

 I've also never seen an iris like this one. Half white and half purple, it was stunning.
These clematis were gorgeous. 
You can't tell here but they were peaking out from behind a lovely iron fence.

I adore this little pathway.  

We crossed the river from the east side to explore downcity. 

I wanted to go by the providence art club so I could see that unusual building next door.

Turns out it is the Fleur-de-lys studio.

And it is photogenic.

I just love the details, like this little knob.

And small sun.

Callie girl likes it there too.

This is the first yellow hibiscus I've seen. Isn't it a dream?

Where do we think this ends?

Providence's Eiffel Tower. {I can dream, can't I?}

This building had some great little flower details on it. And I love that it is grey and still pretty.

Can you believe all that's in bloom? Seems like spring and summer came all at once.

I love painted signs like this. Not sure what it is that attracts me to them.

And of course I love graffiti. 

And a lace capped hydrangea already in bloom. 

I love my city! 
xo, kim

work in progress

I decided to dedicate this week to making new work. It is refreshing to start new projects and to play with different tools. Plus it is much cooler in my studio when I solder as opposed to enameling. This change is welcome for many reasons.

Fresh from the soldering block, new forget me not posts and sunburst dangles.

Those two designs were so cute I decided to make a few more pairs.  

Forget me nots now have posts and are ready for sanding. 

Now that I take another look at these I wonder if they represent aster more than a sunburst. I need to put more thought into their name. What do they remind you of?

And these are new daisy chain hoops. This past weekend I was taking some photos of iron work {not at all unusual} and realized where my influence came from with these designs. When I get a chance I will go through my photo collection and write a post with finished piece and inspiration. 


I'll be at Providence Art Festival this weekend. Come see me June 4th from 10-6 to see the debut of my new designs. I've heard this is an amazing festival so don't pass it up. My new Rocks and Salt skirt is waiting to come off the hanger. It's going to look great with my new earrings. {Only a jeweler would think of a skirt as an accent for jewelry!}

I'm off to patina and tumble my new designs.
happy thursday! 
xo, kim

Breakfast in Bristol, RI

I happily woke up to some sun this past Saturday so Callie and I set out for breakfast in Bristol. 

After breakfast we walked through a smidgen of town to get to the bike path. And I had to capture some inspirational iron work.

On the sunny path the views were beautiful, even the birds thought so.

On the way back from the path I found more inspiration in color, composition and lovely iron work.

After being in the foreign sun for so long I plopped in the shade on a lovely park bench. From there I looked through my camera lens and took in nature while I snuggled with Callie took a much deserved rest and drank lots of water.
After this Saturday, I can't wait to see more sunshine so I can go outdoors and enjoy it with my girl.