crackled white

There are many things I love about my apartment and the crackled white paint is one of them.

Windowsills, radiators, trim, doors... all have more charm in crackled white.

I can't imagine living in an apartment without a history.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


happy monday!

Autumn arrived with some winter temperatures here in Rhode Island. I realized that soon enough window boxes will be decorated for winter with evergreens, branches, pine cones and lights. While I love the bright lights in the dark days of winter I still prefer the vibrant, luscious blooms of summer. This yearning for summer (and my desire for a vacation) inspired me to share some photographs of window boxes I captured in London in the summer of 2005. I love the brightness of these flowers against the dreary brick building. Enjoy! 

happy monday!
xo, kim

more trees along the River Seine

I may have found more pictures in my photo album which I couldn't resist sharing. 
I hope you revisiting my trip to Paris as much as I do.

I'm pretty small so if anyone is planning a trip please consider stowing me in your luggage.

xo, kim


trees along the river seine

Back in August of 2005 two newlyweds took the greatest adventure of their lives. Threes days were spent in each city: London, Paris and Amsterdam. Paris being the favorite. The first full day in Paris we took a river tour of the city from the River Seine. Was it ever heavenly. 

 Seven years later I realize I've broken a promise, we have yet to return to my favorite place on earth. I think we need to start saving our change and set a goal to fly away again the the land of cafes, croissants, art and the best place on earth to roam the streets hand in hand.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

narragansett electric part two : interior {via point and shoot}

I love the bones of Narragansett Electric much more than I like the exterior. I was hoping to get in to take some close ups and do some more intimate exploring, instead these pictures were taken through a chain link fence. 
The interior was much more rustic and weathered which made me love it even more.

And the sunlight casting shadows and creating forms made the views all the more amazing.

As with the exterior the steel structures mimic the shape of the arches and rectangular windows.

I spy rust and rivets. It's just dreamy to someone who loves working with metal.

Yes, this cog came home with me. Little hands fit through fences..

I'm sort of in love with all of the X's in these last few shots.

And what are these circles all about? So weird to find them in the land of angles and arches.

In this last photograph I love the bursts of light coming from windows unseen.

What is so fascinating about weathered and worn structures? I can't get enough of them.

happy friday!
xo, kim

narragansett electric : exterior {via point + shoot}

Here is the Narragansett Electric part of my jewelry district photo shoot.
The building is an amazing shell housing even more amazing bones.

And well gated, all of my photos were taken through a fence.

It may be empty but it is full of character.

There was a cop stationed right under this photo. I think I made it clear I meant no harm, he let me pass down the alley to photograph without question. I was delighted, this building is what brought me to the jewelry district to begin with.

There is a contrast between well maintained brick and rusted beams inside.

And amongst all of the weeds growing against the fence, this is the best I came across.

I've always loved milkweed.

Dried, flowering, shedding seeds, I love it in any form.

There is a great view of the stacks from here.

The bridges too.

The point street bridge may be my favorite, it gets me from the coffee exchange to Olga's. 

In the life of a crafter, even your camera can put a bird on things for you.

I am so amazed at the scale of the structures here.

As per usual, it makes me feel short.

But they are impressive.

I always wonder how may rivets they are made of. 
{Yeah, that is a total metalsmith curiosity!}

With the sky looking this amazing it is hard to believe it is still winter.

Architecture is so attracting to me, I can't believe how terrible I was at learning about it in school.

I didn't get close enough to tell if this is perfectly patinated or just painted the loveliest shade of aqua.

This weathered paint was just too pretty to pass up.

happy thursday!
xo, kim


jewelry district {via point + shoot}

Here are photos of my adventures in the jewelry district, taken with an actual digital camera.

I am forever intrigued by fire escapes. 

The view of downcity from the jewelry district isn't too shabby.

The repetition may be one of the things that attracts me to these metal structures.

This quaint little area was full of some amazing vines.

And secret pathways.

I fell in love. 

There's so much nature in the city here.

I dream of having a studio and little shop around here. 


Aren't these pretty ingenious space markers for a parking lot?

I've tried taking some of these pods home before, be warned, they will explode in your car when you least expect it.

The reflections made this entrance all the more interesting.

I've been into capturing shadows lately. I love that the actual tree is in the upper corner of this photo.

And still with the great views.

This sign is perfectly weathered, leaving behind just the right amount of golden bling.

I tried to get more of the skyline in but it's tough to see it all. I bet this would be a brilliant shot at night.

And my favorite all alone, the Industrial Trust Building.

Doesn't this look like an old camera? I am guessing it is a vent of sorts. Either way, it amuses me.

happy monday!
xo, kim

old pawtucket mill part three

Here is my last series of point and shoot photos. I really hope to get some more exploring done here. 

Of course the rusted metal structures are my favorite part. I also may have left with a brick.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


old pawtucket mill part two

I did some wandering inside the mill. My favorite part was how the light filtered through the holes in the wall. My second favorite part is seeing it being refinished, the new paths being made and new windows. I want to return to explore the inside more. 

My favorite photos have the three empty windows with the sky shining through. But I think those came out better on my hipstamatic. A few more regular old point and shoots to come, then we will get to some iphonography.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim


old pawtucket mill part one

I came across this old mill while I was out and about in Pawtucket. Part of it seems to be refinished while the other part seems to be heavy into construction. This set of photos is taken with my digital camera. I have many more photos in digital and hipstamatic. We can decide which we prefer in the end.

I really want to get back here to take some more inside shots too. 

happy monday, 
xo, kim


photographs of my city : part three

and here is our skyline. maybe it doesn't seem like much, but I love it.

and the bus station looks so pretty with these orange umbrellas.

i am always a fan of steeples.

i especially love when the flower baskets come out for the summer.

and i love when fountains open for the summer. i will miss indie arts fest this year, i had a wonderful time selling my bling in burnside park last summer.

i may be one of the few folks who prefers the river on non-waterfire nights. it's much more serene. 

stencil art.

this bus tunnel is one of the first big memories i had of providence. since i never left thayer street i didn't know where it went.

iron work at the superior court house. this building will never cease to amaze me.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

photographs of my city : part two

Here is another collection of photographs of my city. 
I must look like a tourist with my camera always out.
Have you ever been inside the Big Nazo space?

Chet from Weird Science is in there!

I love this sweet little skateboard.

The whole collection was pretty great. This shop's window always catches my eye and reminds me I want to learn how to skate.

There's something about this angel and the motif framing him/her.

This was a RISD student's exhibition. 

I wish we caught it at night.

Always a favorite building.

There's something in the details and contrast of color.

And patinated copper gets me every time. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


travel tuesdays : montreal green

There were some really great hues in Montreal. 
Those Canadians really know how to brighten up the place.

I am hoping to get back to Montreal this autumn. I miss their croissants and coffee. Nothing here in Providence compares. This reminds me, I should get studying my french. Maybe this time I will be prepared for more than Bonjour.

au revoir!
xo, kim

monday's muse: random photos

As I am running out of space on my computer, I've been cleaning up my photo collection. These two photos were taken on January 17th of 2010. They were taken with my point and shoot so the location information wasn't saved with the photo. For the life of me I can't recall where I took these photos. 

I'm happy to have re-discovered them. The colors and designs are quite striking. 

The colors are vastly different but these photos are united in the use of curves and angles. I am completely fascinated with these two photos. When I get around to piercing some designs into silver, these curves will influence my designs. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: don't you love discovering old photos?

providence birthday adventures {part two}

And here is part two. Taken with my camera and not my phone. I love being able to zoom in and have better control over getting the exact details you want. But sometimes, I miss the color distortion which I can't control. The unpredictable results are fascinating to me. 

I was able to get this tiny star instead of the whole grey facade. 

And the detail of the fire escape. I know, I love fire escapes. I suppose I dream of sitting on one on a warm summer night. 

But here the sky is dull without using my hipstamatic.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city.

And one of my new favorite doors.

On this building each floor had a different flower above the windows. This one being my favorite.

I do like these two flowers in the corners too.

If it weren't for the brick these wouldn't look like windows from the same building.


And finally some sun. It looked like rain for a while. 

This hardly looks like Providence. The painted brick and arched doorway looks so European to me.

Of course, iron work.

 And the pretty irises behind the iron fence.

A sweet message. 

Roger Williams getting funky.

 Another shot that looks more like it was taken from the River Seine than in Providence.

Drippy walls add some nice color.

It was the perfect picnic spot.

 With the perfect view.

My adorable pup had a great day too.

And I fell in love with this little flower.

That's right, more iron work.

I took this from a path between two houses. Can you believe the view they have?

Another new favorite door. This may be the only orange door I've seen.

And I can't decide which view of the mailboxes I prefer. 

I love the old numbers and stickers. 

Love this angle.

And ferns before they are fully open.


 And just a few more iron railings to go. 

This part of the hood is full of them.

And I like it that way. I can't wait to get back to our new breakfast nook this weekend. 

happy almost hump day!
xo, kim 

ps: I was interviewed by the baltimore etsy street team. give it a read won't you..

supermarket saturdays : Erin Tyner

I came across a new supermarket shop this week. A dramatic photograph caught my eye and I soon found myself caught up in the scenes captured in Erin Tyner's shop

'Fade' is part of the Half Awake series. It was a really difficult task to choose just one image to represent this collection. I am so curious to know more about these scenes. The characters seem to have such a history and I wonder of their struggles and interaction with their environments. 

Another difficult task was choosing just one image to represent the Any Other Name series. This collection of flowers makes for a poised and elegant collection. Now that I caught your attention get browsing Erin Tyner's shop.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

lovely and local : Carr Studio

Long ago back in autumn I was vending my bling at Craftopia and across from me were these amazing aluminum prints. Each one was shimmering like a jewel from the Carr Studio booth. 

Then a month later while working at Craftland customers would trickle to the counter asking if they could get some help in removing an aluminum print off the wall. Once they had one of these shimmery tiles in their hands they would be amazed that it looked even more stunning in their hands. 

I love how Nancy's subject matter ranges from details of nature to landscapes and cityscapes and finally to the figure. All of these subjects are treated with the same care for detail. 

Her eye for color, pattern and composition are what makes her work so successful. Nancy keeps her eyes open and waits for just the right moment to capture her vision.

This may just be my favorite. I am fascinated with the gorgeous buildings in our city and always wonder what they look like from inside or how their neighboring buildings look through a window or from a rooftop. And she captured copper turned verdigris over time. I am smitten!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: get shopping!

my travels through a lens : Notre Dame de Paris

Maybe you couldn't tell, but I have Paris on the brain. I suppose it is because I have always wanted to see it covered in a thin veil of snow. But, it may just be that I find it to be breathtaking in every way.
I just discovered that Notre Dame de Paris means Our Lady of Paris. It is ironic to me as I had always thought of the structure as having a masculine feel. As I am a terrible keeper of notes and diaries I don't recall much of this adventure. Aside from it being a rainy day all I remember is lighting a candle for each of my grandmothers inside. Those two tough gals were the ones who encouraged me to make and love art. Lighting a candle for them seemed to allow me to take them with me, symbolically, to this city filled with art and beauty. 

happy travels, kim

ps: keep notes and take too many pictures. it's worth it.

supermarket saturdays presents she hit pause studios

This week I have been on the front page of supermarket twice. Both times with the same pair of earrings. {It is quite flattering.} The second time I noticed a shop with some polaroid prints and I knew I would fall in love with she hit pause studios. Even the name is sweet.

I do love seeing this image. It brings back memories of the cyclone at Rocky Point Park, and all of the long hot summer days I spent there. This transfer, like my memories, are splotchy and depicting only the brightest of colors. 
This image is so sweet. I am quite fond of puffballs and making wishes on them. I love how the light is bright on the girl's face, blocking out most of the detail of her features. It makes it easier for us to relate to the photo. It could be of anyone of us making a wish.
Here is the photo which graced the front page of supermarket with me. Another delicate photograph, as the subject matter calls for. 

I do enjoy the range of color in Matt's work. He knows how to use color to create mood. 
The balance in this photograph is perfection. The off center typewriter with the carriage pushed to the right makes for an interesting composition and adds movement to the still frame. She Hit Pause Studios captures nostalgic images with ease. 

To see more brilliant polaroid transfers check out She Hit Pause Studios' website

happy saturday!
xo, kim