a walk in the pale moon light

Just before it got dark but while the moon was out we snuck into Swan Point Cemetery.
Just past the fence, full of clematis..

we climbed some rocks..

and entered a field before the cemetery.

It's a gorgeous cemetery full of amazing sculptures of remembrance. 

It is somehow sparse, vast, simple and heavily decorated all at once. 

We don't get to visit often since they don't allow dogs.

{this one above is my favorite photograph from our jaunt}

As we were walking down the winding hill the moon was glittering over the water. It was ever so peaceful. Perfect timing on our part and completely accidental. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

welcome summer! flowers are in bloom!

This week has brought some dreadfully hot weather to us. I feel like I am in Vegas running from one air conditioned place to the next. Seems like I won't ever want to turn my kiln on to enamel again. Even through all of this complaining I did get outside to capture some flowers on my iPhone and it was worth it.

This plant has really blossomed in the front yard. I can't tell what it is, maybe lavender? The brick steps behind it provide a nice contrast.

Brown eyed susans are starting to come to life. I love seeing blankets of these. Quite cheerful!

There are more on their way. See the little buds?

This is one lucky shot. Not sure how I managed it will walking my furry lady, but I will take it. I think bellflowers are so cute. They are short with lots of personality.

Keep cool and water your flowers!
xo, Kim