i was a vendor at a craft fair and all i came home with was a pee stained table cloth...

.... not enough in sales to cover my booth fee, no orders for custom work. 
Just a pee stain on my table cloth. 
This weekend marked the first of many Saturdays which will be spent at the Providence Open Market under my tent, selling my wares. There were many lovely vendors for opening day yet sales were slow, hence the title to my post {the half of the title not referencing pee that is!}. It was the perfect day to get Callie {aka: my furry bernese mountain dog} under the tent to see if she liked keeping me company. Callie was well behaved {as always} and attracted many adoring humans and dogs. I normally love the attention we attract on behalf of our beautiful lady. But the adoration of one male Shar-Pei was just too much.  Though, my disappointment falls harder on the Shar-Pei's mistress. And so you don't fall folly to your male dog and his ability to lift his leg anywhere, at any time, on anything, here are some cues to being a sweet and caring master or mistress... do more than apologize while your dog still has his leg lifted. {For example, tell your dog no and gently pull his leash so he knows his behavior is not tolerable.} Offer to clean the table cloth by pouring water on it, or better yet, ask what time the sale ends and offer to pick the table cloth up and have it cleaned. Give another verbal apology. Don't walk away embarrassed without an honest effort to make up for the territorial terrorism caused by your dog. Walk away only after you have made the best of attempts to turn this situation into as positive of an encounter as it can be. Let the person who has almost literally been pissed on know that there are still kind-hearted people alive. And sometimes these lovely people are the mistresses of a male dog who is exhibiting poor judgement and who is terribly sorry.