hermes rocket

Lately I've taken on a passion for acquiring old objects. Turntables, furniture, singer sewing machines, game pieces, pages of books, prints, fabrics, records, button, clothes. It is endless.
I've had great fun revisiting the past through my hermes rocket. It brings back memories of typing at my father's first of many offices while he was helping customers. Making him paychecks so we'd be rich or just typing him notes. With the help of a twitter friend I realized there was a place ever so close to home who sold old typewriters in fantastic condition. I came home with my newest crush. So far my biggest use it typing thank you notes to my etsy buyers. But it's been handy to send notes to family and type labels too. 

After searching the internet for the perfect typewriter font I realized that what I really needed was a good ol' manual typewriter to get the effect I has been searching for. 

This I call irony. It seems that every time I set out to type something I need my computer to find my customer's name or get other details of the order. No matter, I'm still in my crush phase. And this machine works like a dream.

happy typing!
xo, kim

thrifted before and after

I debated for quite some time over whether or not to get this cabinet. I finally decided that for $12.99 what could really go wrong, with a little elbow grease it would only get better.

I set out to get a dusk mask. For lack of eye protection I went with sunglasses, which it turned out I needed, it was darn sunny out that day.

And I sanded away, determined to get every last part even. The cabinet may have been solid wood but it wasn't well built. In the end I had to screw a plywood board under the top for extra stability and fill many spots in with putty.

I nearly stripped this piece trying to get it well sanded. And I removed the knobs that I so despised.

Then came some choices. I found this gorgeous paper on sale at Utrecht but wasn't certain what color to go with as the base for the whole piece. I was leaning toward the mustard yellow on the right. Then a smart twitter friend asked what color the room was that this cabinet was to find it's home in. I realized I didn't know. We are still trying to settle on room colors, suddenly grey was safe and just right.

And I love it!

I wasn't able to remove the hinges but I plan on taking some tools home from the studio so I can carefully remove the paint I got on them and shine them up while I am at it. My attempts to scrape the paint off resulted in scraping off the faux rust revealing a shade of silver underneath. My goal is to get them back to silver with a brushed finish.

And this is the dreamy medium I found {thanks to that ever so helpful and knowing Utrecht employee}. I used this to adhere the paper to the surface of the cabinet as well as provide a protective layer over the paper. It's like magic! 

After some pacing and swigs of whiskey {kidding} I dove in and cut my first piece of paper. I cut it larger than the panel it was to occupy. After the medium dried I used a sharp blade to trim the paper to the exact shape on the door. They weren't perfect to begin with so I used the raised area as a guide and trimmed away. 

I started adding the gloss to to my newly papered panels. 

After three or four coats they seem shiny and well protected. It dried completely clear which was nice as it had a creamy appearance in the jar and it made me nervous. 

My shiny new cabinet found a home near the coat closet and under the key hooks. A sweet little place to store my bag. I'm sure the insides will be overflowing with something soon. The top is also home to my weed clippings from my walk with Callie {here they are on the former table}. 

These knobs really added the finishing touch. It took me a while in Antropologie to decide on the perfect ones as their selection is just amazing. In the end I went for silver to match the glitter in the paper.

A sweet little recap thanks to diptic. It is a great feeling to see this progress in one frame.

We have quite a few projects around the apartment we have been working on. Once we get some of the furniture we got for a song as thrift shops we will have to hunker down and settle on a color/colors for our walls. I look forward to a nice, cozy winter in our familiar apartment that is becoming more and more of a home. 

happy monday! 
{it snuck up on me while I was writing this post, i started it on sunday}
xo, kim

rainy day flowers

Callie and I went on a little adventure this morning to get some illy coffee. 
We thought we would walk in the drizzle.

Just as we took the long way back to the car,

it started to pour. 

We still enjoyed Wayland Square. She sniffed and I snapped as we walked briskly back. 

I found this one lonely blue hydrangea and had to put my coffee down to capture it.

It was in the prettiest of gardens still full of color.

And right around the bend were these hostas, heavy with rain. 

Just as we were, soaked with drops.

I am loving this fall clematis that is in bloom. 
So different from the spring variety, small and understated yet abundant. 

happy hump day!
xo, kim

abstract chihuly

This past weekend my getaway in Boston included visiting the MFA to see the Chihuly exhibit. I recommend getting the audio/video tour. The studio documentation is pretty great. 

I enjoyed Chihuly's work based on woven baskets made by Native Americans. 

There are a few reasons I am attracted to this series. First, the colors are subtle allowing you to see the replication in the form of the vessel. Then there are some great little details in select baskets which insinuate the patterns created in the woven structure. And finally, I love that these are pieces which are layered and stacked within each other. I think of glass as delicate and for some reason the act of layering gives a sense of stability. 

This room was a lot to take in. It was like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

What I wouldn't give to tip-toe through the middle of this glass forest.

The ceiling was pretty great. Seeing the installation video was sweet too.

I would enjoy a little day bed in this room to spend some time looking at every last inch of this ceiling. 

The chandeliers were superb. They appeared to be magically assembled. 

Surprisingly I preferred the white chandelier. The lack of color allowed me to appreciate the form. It also had a more natural flow than the rest of the collection.

But this olive one has some great texture.

As does the aqua.

And the movement is always great toward the bottom of the structure.

The contrast of aqua and olive was pretty nice. Gave me some ideas for new enamel combinations.

These colors definitely inspired me.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: where did this week go?

welcome winter!

Our snow filled adventures took place before the snow disappeared yesterday. I won't be doing one bit of complaining about the the vanishing snow.
I have been having some fun playing with instagram

I love how easy it is to share photos on facebook, twitter and flickr. I tend to use it for Callie pictures because they are too cute not to share right away.

I love these morning glories... 

old signs...

and random, simple graffiti. 

Callie will be the first to complain when the snow melts. 

She will forever be looking for that one last pile of white to eat.

One thing I will miss about the snow melting is I can't throw snowballs at my girl and watch her eat them.

And finally, one little snow person made by the little lady downstairs.

happy second day of march!
xo, kim

welcome winter!

Maybe I don't feel much like welcoming winter. There is still a lot of snow and it's terribly chilly. But once I bundle up and get outside this lady of mine jumps all about like a puppy. It makes me smile and realize that winter isn't that terrible. Spring will come. 

Though it makes me smile to see Callie romping it doesn't keep me out for long. She can't make up for icy walkways that weren't shoveled. 

Luckily, the cemetery gets plowed.

Yesterday the sky was blue again and I wished I had time to celebrate.

I was happy the weathermen were right in predicting no accumulation with yesterday's flurries. 

But this girl, she is always ready to celebrate fresh snow. 

As an aside, I had a little adventure in Pawtucket yesterday trying to find the post office. {I may live in Pawtucket but I mostly venture to Providence as I am mere blocks away.} Does anyone else use a gps in their own town? Please say yes, I'll feel better.

happy wednesday!
stay warm, kim


welcome autumn!

The other day brought grey, dreary weather. It seemed to be the perfect day to take Callie for a romp in the cemetery. There is a wonderful stone stairway at the North Main Street entrance I wanted to get photos of while she was sniffing about.

This photo isn't as grim as my introduction made it sound, is it?

The corners of the stairs hold a great collection of acorns.

I miss my days in the florist. These flowers remind me that we are in the height of mum season. My least favorite flower aside from carnations to work with.

Though, these mums are prettier than the ones I had to use in cornucopias and pumpkin arrangements. They are more daisy-like than the stock we got into Stop and Shop.

They were fun to come across.

I love how the colors in the stone were brought out with the apps on my iPhone. Everything becomes more vibrant.

It adds some great texture to the photos.

I took to noticing that there were some interesting images on the head stones.

There are lots of raised plots here with weeds growing from the nooks and crannies. Very Tim Burton looking.

I am surprised at the number of hands used in the imagery. It must hold lots of importance for the time period.

I adore this flower pattern which was repeated. There was some lovely lichen growing over the stone too.

This is my favorite carving in the cemetery thus far.... 


...lots and lots of poppies...

...and seed pods of poppies.

Maybe the stairway looks spookier in this photo.

And not too much in this one. But the setting seemed perfect for the grey day.

And, of course, I love the gates.

But before we went to work {we being Callie and I}. We walked through the complex to get the mail. And to take pictures of the sculptures in the parking lot. Isn't this a great pattern?

Since I moved to the city I see less clover around. I have missed it and am happy to know it isn't far.

And back at work to a lovely collection of dahlias from a fellow metalsmith friend who came to my studio party.

Aren't they great specimens from her garden?

And for the Callie fans out there, here is her photo of the week. She is now allowed on the couch, invitation only. We will see how long this lasts. I do love the cuddle time.

enjoy october before it ends!
xo, kim