point street bridge

The other day I mentioned taking a walk to clear my head. Well, my walk extended to crossing the point street bridge. I've wanted to stroll across this bridge for, oh, fifteen years or so but just never got around to it. On Saturday I found myself with some time to spare with a hankering for a roll on one side of the bridge and an appointment for a haircut on the other. It seemed only natural to get my stroll on and to take my camera out.

I don't know what it is I find soothing about the sound of cars traveling over bridges, maybe it is the repetition of sound... If only I could remember how soothing this is when I have the mean reds. I am certain spending time here would turn the reds to blues in no time and bring on a sigh of relief. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

the west side

On Saturday we took a west side stroll after getting breakfast as White Electric

They take their street art seriously.

This looks like album art, where's the band that should be sitting on the couch?

It's a bright little nook, I hope this isn't part of the movement to clean graffiti from our streets.

This is far more charming than an empty wall. Don't you think?

While this is less colorful, I am interested in the different materials these two buildings are made of.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

spring bulb sightings!

On my usual stops weekend stops to get good rolls, bagels and coffee I came upon some bulbs in bloom.

Where did spring come from already? I've still been waiting for winter.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

an overcast providence stroll

I got out to clear my head yesterday. Here are a few shots from the start of my journey. 

Me, my camera and my city are always good therapy.

happy weekend, kim


I am attracted to texture. It instantly gets my mind thinking of how to create it in metal.
This photo of paint peeling makes me wonder if I could create this with enamel. The challenge would be to make a sound structure that appeared fragile so one could still wear it. Or is this best as a wall piece to be admired but not touched? Or maybe the erosion of such a piece would be more interesting than a sounds piece where the wearer plays the role of the elements?

I love the subtle shade of gold over the "patinated" brick. This could be easily created with reticulation but I think playing with hammers would be more fun and fulfilling. 

Somehow this peeling paint is completely different than the first photo. I like the way the first color is intact and revealed trough the crevices of the new coat. Maybe a form of champlevé could achieve this? Or adding a few layers of color, one atop the other and filing bits of the top coat away? I'd like to experiment.

Layering of metal in different shapes may make for a lovely basse-taille. I love playing with transparent enamels. I need to get back to my roots and fiddle with these techniques.

Brick holds a subtle texture but its layers and grout make is more interesting. Maybe I need to take a sheet of metal and hammer it over some brick. What do you think the results would be? Subtly beautiful and well captured under transparent enamels is how I see this working out.

happy making! 
if you try any of these out please share them here on my facebook page. I'd love to see your experiments in metal and color.

xo, kim

love of flowers

just a few iphone flower photographs. some blooms just in time for the snow.
ranunculus via hipstamatic

jasmine via instagram + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic

tulips via shake it photo + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic. 

daffodils + yoko ono poms at Olga's via instagram
I'm sort of addicted to flowers. I love having tulips in my home at all times. The white ranunculus were a sort of test to see if I could love flowers void of vibrant colors {they passed}. The jasmine was the perfect find at Trader Joes and man does my bathroom ever smell sweet. And those daffodils mixed with green poms are a match made in heaven. Just as the coffee and bagel brunch was. Thank you, Olga's!

and happy leap year! any plans for your extra day?
xo, kim

narragansett electric {via hipstamatic}

These shots are nearly the same {content-wise} as the ones taken with my point and shoot camera. I hope you don't mind seeing them again, to me it provides a whole new perspective. 

Colors get amped up...

..edges get a little softer..

..allowing your eye to focus on what I find important..

..arches and rectangles all in threes.

..rusted bones in a shell of a building..

..large pipes blending with grafitti..

..towers, bridges and stacks..

..the electric company which when seen from the highway lets me know I am home..

..the lovely curve of this bridge..

..the places this bridge gets me to and from..

..and the arches multiply..

..doesn't aqua and yellow look so good together in an over saturated exposure..

..as do rusted gates and graffiti..

..and crooked lamps against the jewel blue sky..

..it's seems i have a thing for weathered objects, this paint is beautiful.

i also captured a few things that caught my eye on my walk back downtown..

..like how well i matched the sidewalk..

..and this jazzy cock in a shop window..

..this entryway brought back memories of my father's shop on north main street in fall river, where entrances were full of tiled shop names and addresses. i miss those days..

..and the Providence Performing Arts Center always catches my eye. The bright lights on the front, the amazing details of the building, right down to the wrought iron morning glories gracing the windows.

i love this city!
xo, kim


I never take well stacked fruit for granted. As a girl working in the florist of a supermarket for many years I saw the guys in produce carefully stacking apple after apple just for a child to put out the bottom fruit and cause the collapse of a perfectly sculpted apple pyramid resulting in the guy swearing under his breath.
I was beyond excited to see this box of citrus with leaves attached in complimentary color perfection. I boldly went ahead and choose a way too expensive fruit with a head full of leaves for my tasting pleasure. {and yes, photo taking pleasure too!}

I carefully placed my items on the conveyer belt, cold items together, fruit together, properly laid out for ease of bagging. When the cashier came to my beautiful citrus fruit with at least five leaves {a full head of hair!}, she plucked them off, looked at her handful of leaves in an irritated, disgusted manner before throwing those perfect leaves in the trash, tossed the fruit about looking for a price code then rolled it down the next conveyer belt to the bagger. My heart sank. I know my fruit just won't taste the same. And I am a virgin to this variety who's name escapes me.

I fought back so many naughty names, curses, and halted the foot stomping. Instead I hung my head and pushed my cart to my car. After spending years as a cashier I know damn well I would have offered a separate bag and a super safe place to keep such a prize. It would have been treated better than the eggs and bread. I'm pretty sure that woman's heart was frozen and her life sucked out of her. This happened Saturday, I am still bitter and my recovery outlook is not so good, foggy at best.

and happy day to you!
xo, kim



One of my photo a day challenges gave texture as a theme. Once I submitted my photo for the day I realized my fascination with texture on telephone poles wasn't quite over.
In college hill they are mainly community boards. 

Remnants of nails, staples and posters are left behind, adding character to the wood.

In my Pawtucket studio grounds they are just weathered by the elements and painted.

Or on the east side, they get tagged, a rarity in these parts.

I can't be sure if it is the mix of materials, the earn to feel the texture knowing a splinter awaits, or just letting your imagination run wild wondering what had a home there. A sign for a beloved lost pet, an ad, a call for artists, artwork, a concert poster... What ever it was, it left it's mark.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim


jewelry district {via hipstamatic}

Now that I have my hipstamatics to compare to my Lumix images, I realize I am far more in love with the hipstamatics. 
The film seems to draw out the colors that attract me.

And the lens softens the edges just enough.

Even the framing works for me.

I had some fun playing with new ways to capture fire escapes. 

I won't tire of them but I bet my readers will.

Hipstamatics have a way of adding some great color to sunlight. It makes the image so magical.

Maybe it is the metal I am attracted to...

This is easily one of my favorite shots from my jewelry district stroll.

Another favorite subject is capturing nature within the urban landscape.

The contrast is lovely.

And what I love most about living here.

Aside from the good croissants.

There's a perfect balance to the cold, hard brick and delicate branches.

I hope to visit here in the spring and summer to see what grows here.

But sometimes it is just as sweet to see the sky through the bare trees. 

Or the side of a building through bare vines.

New England is pretty amazing that way, we get to see nature in all its forms. 

Patinated metal!

A tree not completely naked, but I love seeing the sky through it's branches and pods.

Funny to find graffiti on a quaint little gate.

The same tree shadow I captured with my point and shoot, I may love this one more.

View of the electric company from the jewelry district.

I must admit, I am really starting to get a crush on this neighborhood. 

happy monday {again!}
xo, kim

studio brick

Yet again I've realized that the path I take to my studio mailbox looks different to me every time.
I notice a shadow instead of the railing.

The repetition of color..

..and shapes.

I had long thought I came to the conclusion that I love our green doors against the rust colored brick..

..then I found this red door and can't decide which I love best.

I discovered this in a never before explored alley. I love the turquoise and pea green together. Also the contrast of how two very different materials age. Metal is overcome with moss while the wood gets weathered away.

I will never grow old of these stars. 

All of the snow last year caused these new white marks and patterns on the exterior of the buildings. It makes me miss snow this year, but the patterns are quite pretty.

I will always find the silhouettes cast by the towers to be just dreamy. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

rainy day photos

Even rainy, hazy, foggy days can be pretty ones.

xo, kim


a neighborhood stroll

My neighbor was feeling a little under the weather so she asked me to take her pup for a stroll.
It's been months since I've been able to walk Callie girl to the park so I didn't hesitate in saying yes.

I've missed the neighborhood. Watching plants slowly come to life or start to dry or decompose. 

I love the cycle of the seasons and they have slipped past me.

I could take the walk alone, but it isn't the same. Without my girl, it is just too lonely. 

But Boo was more than happy to sniff while I shot a few winter photos.

Not that the weather is all that winter-like. 

But the leaves finally fell. And the park is bare.

And the winter weeds are lingering, waiting for true signs of spring. 

and by spring, Callie girl will be up to walks again. a
nd this mama will be a happy one.
happy monday!
xo, kim

a weekend stroll in warren Rhode Island

This weekend I spent many hours combing through thrift shops. I am going to be in a few new shops soon (hopefully Valentine's Day soon!) and I need some displays for one of them.
I heard that there were a few antique shops in Warren. Unfortunately, the one I was looking for closed 5 years ago but Warren was fun anyway.

I love this quaint little street. 

There was one store front so full of items it was overwhelming. 

The artist seems to have an affinity for religious icons. 

And a liking for craftsman style lettering.

There was certainly a lot to take in. 

My other reason for making Warren a destination was to see The Wooden Midshipman, another shop I will soon be selling in. I'm smitten with the space and the goods she has to offer. I left with a bracelet (I haven't left home without it yet) and some lovely hair pins that actually stay in my fine hair.

I'm sure you know that if there is iron work in the area I am going to photograph it.

The repetition mesmerizes me. 

This building had some lovely vines...

...and colors.

And here I am, being a peeping tom.

I wonder what the spring or summer makes this vine look like?

I bet it really jazzes up the place.

And this drill press I fell in love with.

Warren has some interesting window displays.

Living in a city I miss little old hardware stores. 

The shops where you can get screens repaired instead of replaced. They are usually housed in the quaintest of places too.

happy wednesday!
I can't wait to have my bling on this little street. I'm off to get making.

xo, kim

winter weeds + brick

Here are some lovely winter weeds, some from Wayland Square and others from my studio grounds.

And I threw in some brick pictures for good measure.

happy wednesday.
I'm really hoping we get snow this weekend. 

xo, kim


happy christmas eve

Our city is all lit up and festive this time of year. I love it this way!

happy christmas eve. 
I hope you are happy wherever the night takes you.
xo, kim

city of hope

A lot has changed since I moved to my city. I was full of hope and dreams. I thought my business would soar and I'd be part of the craftiest communities around. 
It's a case of the grass looks greener.... But one thing that never changes is my love for the city.
And I certainly wouldn't leave it to return to the country. 

It's simply beautiful and I can't help from hoping it will treat me well someday soon. 
Maybe it just has different plans for me than I had for it. 

pretty vague, but at the very least enjoy the pictures and happy friday.
xo, kim

pea green + sapphire blue

I came across these green poms at whole foods and new I couldn't leave without them. 

They make my day a little brighter. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

rose colored city of providence

I apparently spent a day and a half taking photos with a rose colored lens. That's what happens when you are too busy to check your phone's photo album to see how your life has looked over the past few weeks. 

They have a more nostalgic feel than I would generally go for yet I am starting to appreciate them as a collection. My rose colored Providence, I'd take this city under any hue.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

ps: I've been catching up on life, holiday cards are waiting for stamps and some gifts are wrapped and ready for shipping. Now, maybe there will be snow in our future. That'll feel like winter and this girl will be happy. After all winter is just a day away.

late autumn city photos

Just some adoration of my city in late autumn. 

I am sure you've learned not to expect much more than neighborhood photos on here by now. 
{With the exception of Callie pictures, flowers and bling of course.}

I love the change of seasons. Bare trees frame buildings with their jagged lines instead of shading them. 

happy monday!
xo, kim