city stroll : wickenden street

 One rainy day last week I took a stroll on Wickenden Street. Well, it was actually two rainy days. One day for father's day shopping and the other for a haircut and a lesson in curling my hair. 
[by the way, do we like the new profile picture?]

 This is one of the first neighborhoods that made me fall in love with Providence. 

 There's Felini's Pizzeria, the coffee exchange, utrecht, brick on wick and quaint little shops like the curatorium.

 The telephone poles and tree trunks are full of lovely textures. 

 And lights!

 The bases of trees are neatly fenced in and the ground around them covered in gorgeous blooms. 

 These yellow and orange flowers were my favorites. They remind me of my current enamel palette.

 And of course there are stickers to brighten up those ugly electrical boxes.

 This may be an urban street but it is oh so pretty.

 The perfect mix of nature, urban culture, brick, brightly painted homes and businesses.

 Can you spy the obey sticker in this picture? 

 While the yellow and orange flowers above were my favorite on the ground level, this lily was my favorite at facade level. Perfectly bright color contrast for this rainy day walk.

 This might just be my favorite screen door. Doesn't the pattern speak to my iron work series? I need to plan a new addition to the collection especially for valentine's day. 

 See why I am smitten, graffiti and brick. It doesn't get much better than that.

The epitome of city living. Chain link fence, overgrown weeds and a teeny alley way. 

 And one more great thing about Wickenden Street...

...the window boxes!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Summer didn't just arrive today, it came with a blast. I'll be making an attempt to survive my fourth floor heat trap of a studio. I see myself home taking pictures of new work in the air conditioned flat instead. Either way, it is work and it is productive. 

happy summer solstice! enjoy the bright blooms.
xo, kim

thrifted, handmade + altered: what I wore

I have been a lover of skate shirts since high school. Element would be one of my absolute favorites as they were the first skate company to offer clothing for girls and these clothes are proudly designed by girls. 

This has long been one of my favorite shirts but I hadn't worn it much as the sleeves were cropped, tight and uncomfortable. Finally, I decided to take some scissors to this t-shirt and make it into a tank top. The sleeves came off and the the neckline was made bigger. Now it's perfect. I get to wear my shirt with golden flowers and butterflies. 

In the few spare moments I had while studying jewelry and metals at UMass Dartmouth I made rings for myself. This was my first square bezel setting which was no easy task. I wore this ring so much the labradorite is scratched and the silver has dings and colored epoxy on it from past projects I made while wearing it. I'm still in love with the stone's iridescent darkness and the history it shows of my hard earned BFA. 

Here's the thrifted part, another gap skirt. There's a pattern here, I love aline jean skirts from the gap.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

goodbye spring

I didn't do the best at keeping up with my welcome spring posts. So, here's a sad goodbye to spring. 
A sad blue and deep purple adieu. 

It seems like these blooms came and went in the blink of an eye. Is it just me or did the irises seem particularly gorgeous this year?

goodbye to spring. 
xo, kim

hello, poppy!

Seeing as it's a grey week again I thought I would share some brightness with you. 

These poppies were so vibrant I noticed them while driving to the studio from a favorite coffee + roll shop [seven stars bakery!].

I pulled over and squealed in delight. They were just as lovely as I suspected they would be.

I love their fuzzy pods, stems and leaves. And this shade of green is a perfect backdrop for these red blooms. Their contrast compliments these hues perfectly making the red look all the more vibrant.

I'm completely amazed at the intricate stigma surrounded by the dark stamen and anthers. It is beautiful, dark and mysterious. 

The pods, leaves and stems aren't the only parts of this flower with texture. I love the subtle ripple in the poppy's petals. They are also slightly transparent allowing the deep black spots to show through to the back. [These are a huge inspiration for me. My poppy series is soon to be retired and replaced with a series which better portrays this flower's natural beauty.]

I saved my favorite shot for last.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

happy weekend!

It looks like we are in for a dreary weekend. Just remember, we need  showers to get these gorgeous flowers. Think of the bright blooms and know the sun will be out soon.

happy weekend!
xo, kim

city views + inspiration

A little stroll through downtown gave me some fire escape envy.
The design is simple yet more intricate than my fire escape. In fact, these shapes will soon be sketched out for my brooch series I plan on making one of these days. Although, this form may just find its way into my iron work series as well. It will be fun to use the same forms in different projects.

Seeing the 7 and the 2 askew remind me to always be on my toes with composition. This has a fun, playful quality. My first love (before discovering metals classes) was drawing. I take what I learned in hours of critiques and utilize it in my metalwork.

To add to my envy, this fire escape has stairs. We have a ladder. It's the little things.
It looks like there is enough room to have a little bench here so I could sit and read while enjoying my fire escape garden. A girl can dream.

There was also this really sweet gate in the neighborhood. I would love to have an iron gate to close me in at night, just so I can appreciate its beauty every day.

happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: tomorrow i will be at Providence Art Festival. stop by and visit me under my tent.

welcome spring!

Seeing as there is one day left in May I decided to post a mix of white spring blooms on the blog so I can show off my birthday flower, lily of the valley.

By the way, I had a great birthday. I am ever so grateful for all of the sweet wishes I received throughout the day. Birthdays can be wonderful when a girl receives nothing but compliments, well wishes and love.

happy spring!
xo, kim

Our visit to The Steel Yard

Last Friday, I went to The Steel Yard open house. It's been a while since I visited. This time I was able to see demos, one of my favorites being the blacksmithing demo as it was the first time I've seen a blacksmith in action. I so want to take a class now. 

It was a nice surprise to see Amie Plante giving some jewelry making demonstrations. [I have been lucky enough to have her guidance through some metal projects.] I had a great time browsing her sample pieces. I love her chased pieces which she enameled after. They are simply gorgeous, especially for samples. 

There was a yard sale there too and this was my favorite item.

But I also loved the furnace for blacksmithing. Especially after I saw the demo.

The Steel Yard has made leaps and bounds from its meager beginnings. Even the pathways are well designed. I recall the early days where windows were optional.

This reminds me of the Ikea project where folks lived in the Metro station in Paris. Do you think you could fit in here and live amongst an iron forge?

I do love their icon.

This is another detail of the outdoor blacksmithing furnace.

I just love seeing The Steel Yard's trash barrels and bike racks around town. They are always well designed and I love knowing they are handmade.

Best pooper scooper sign I've ever seen.

This picture makes me miss shared studio spaces. It may seem silly but it is a warm reminder of my college days. We had icons like JFK asking us 'ask not what your studio can do for you, but what you can do for your studio' and Sly telling us to wear safety glasses. How, I miss those days.

happy thursday!
xo, kim  


welcome spring!

Spring has flown by, flowers have bloomed and wilted as quickly as they came. Since I have been so tardy with my welcome spring posts I thought I would arrange all future posts by color. This way none of our favorite spring blooms get lost in the shuffle.
For no special reason, I am starting with pink...

Pink dogwoods are always a favorite.

They are simple, cheery and just as amazing alone or huddled together on a branch.

These sweet blossoms (someone help me here on the name) are the perfect start to spring. And I love how it looks like pink snow when these trees shed their flowers. 

And the most vibrant of spring pinks are always bleeding hearts.

But these azaleas are quite bright as well. 

Anemone clematis are one of my favorite spring vines. These are the palest of pink and well accented with yellow stamen. I do wish these stayed around longer. 

This yard is always full of lovely color combinations. Everything compliments these blue tiled steps. 

Rainy day walks can make for nice pictures. 

Something must be brewing in our neighborhood. I've been seeing pink spots on the curbs. I suspect there is road work in our future. 

I'm smitten with my pink English Daisies on the fire escape. I check on them everyday to look for new buds. They are so innocent looking.

This iris is certainly more peach than pink but it is a lovely site, especially with its orange accents.

There are so many spring blooms which are so simple yet so stunning.

After being starved for color all winter, any and all blooms are welcome.

With this pink spring photo collection all together I've realized the contrast between the bright and sunny photos...

...and the rainy day photos. I just can't choose a favorite. Well, I can choose a favorite weather to take my strolls in but seeing raindrops collecting on petals is a pretty site on film. 

Which do you prefer? Raindrop photos? Sunny ones? Walks in the sun? Puddle jumping? Or walks right after the rain? 

One of my favorite color combinations are pink, orange and yellow. It's daring but so lovely.

Dahlias are another favorite. I've always wanted these in my garden. Maybe next year...

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

welcome spring!

I have been so overwhelmed with all of the lovely blooms this spring. It seems like everything is popping up all at once. 

But poppies are always my favorite.

There were in a sweet window box I came across one spring evening in downtown Providence.

Pansies are always adorable...

..but they lacking in the graceful gesture of a poppy.

I just love the effect of capturing these flowers with my hipstamatic. Some of the photos seem inspired by Andy Warhol. And maybe I haven't told you this yet, but I am a huge fan of Pop Art.

happy wednesday to you!
xo, kim

east side greys

The east side is generally bright with well painted houses and groomed flower beds. On this particular jaunt everything seemed so grey, not that I am complaining. 
{Grey is my new favorite hue, it is easily accented.}

Wasn't I right? Grey looks great with a hint of yellow and bold orange. Either way, this area always looks great with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, a fresh roll for the road and shopping bags from my favorite neighborhood shops.

xo, kim

college hill yellow + black

Forsythia has bloomed on college hill. 
It is the perfect accent to black iron fences.

These swirls look lonely without the lovely yellow accents.

It is also lovely against the aged brick. Aged brick and black fences are a staple in college hill and the forsythia is a great way to brighten up the neighborhood for spring.

xo, kim

budding trees + brick

The trees were starting to bloom last time I was downcity. 

 I can't decide what is prettier, seeing the buildings through the trees or seeing that lovely sky through a mess of branches...

xo, kim

dramatic skies

The skies were quite dramatic the other day. 

The perfect day for looking up and daydreaming. 
xo, kim


iron work + greenery

Here's one little photo I tool while leaving my beloved Olga's. 

The perfect combination of my two favorite loves, iron work and nature.  

I think this one goes to the printer.
xo, kim


Here's some fire escape and rusty metal love. These are all from the Utrecht parking lot on Wickenden Street. Isn't the turquoise sky just lovely?

Obviously this maker of shiny objects can't get enough of metal.

xo, kim

spring blooms!

Our near summer-like weather has come and gone. While it was here it brought blooms along with it.

 My favorite are the muscari. 
Which spring blooms are your favorite?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

spring day stroll

Here's a little mix of spring skies, wrought iron, cement, telephone polls, brick and bulbs in bloom. 

These are from a little stroll I took on the East Side after a dentist appointment. After finding out I still don't have one single cavity this was another great part of my day. Enjoy some spring time strolls, the weather has been so kind to us.

happy weekend!
xo, kim